Thursday, January 13, 2011


Just got a box of great looking new releases from Sacred. People that know this label, know that he always goes all out 120%.

YEUNG: You Will Never Know CS $3.00


"Inhuman one man drum machine grind." Violent project by the man behind Sacred Tapes, himself. Named after the one and only Bolo Yeung (if you don't know who this is, there's no hope for you in my world). This is so perfect knowing his love of bloody 80s action movies like Stone Cold, Blood Sport, Cyborg, etc. If you aren't a full on grind maniac, don't be immediately turned off because this has enough tempo changes and thrash beats to keep even me interested. Obviously, this is beautifully packaged just like everything that Sacred Tapes (formerly TSO) does. Aces.

DRUGGED SS: I Hate What You Think About My Life CS $3.00 **SOLD OUT

Sacred//USA - Ormeyngel//Norway

Lo-fi noisy hardcore with sludgey tempo changes filled with angst, hate and despair. Beautifully packaged with obi.

DARK TIMES Demo CS $3.00

Sacred//USA - Ormeyngel//Norway

Dark noise rock from Norway with female vocals. 5 songs.

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