Monday, January 10, 2011

New Gasmask Terror LP North American distribution

You can now get the Black Gold/Fake Sun 12" LP at these great distros:

Irukandji Records (CA)
Feral Ward (PDX)
Velted Regnub (NC)
Vinyl Rites (FL)

Check out these awesome distros, if you haven't before, they always have great, hard to find stuff.

Stores, Ebullition will also have a limited stock, shortly. I am also happy to deal direct for wholesale.

Gasmask Terror website
mp3: No Mistake

Sacred Tapes version coming soon.
For European distribution, please contact I Feel Good.


  1. honored to be mentioned anywhere on this blog and even more to be a part of this release. can't wait to help make the SILO demo a reality.

  2. Christopher, your face should be emblazened in gold all over this. You're the best. We are hoping to have the Silo demo done this month.