Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inepsy, Masshysteri, Hellshock, Desperate Hours, etc

Inepsy: Madness And Overkill
INEPSY: Madness And Overkill 12" LP pic disk $9.00


Inepsy from Montréal nailed it on this one. Some people were disappointed with the 3rd LP, they thought it was too rock and roll (I liked it), but on this one, they hit their stride with a great midway point between punk and rock and roll. This is one of my favorite bands of the past decade, and I am hungry for more.

Hellshock: Ghosts Of The Past Demo LP
HELLSHOCK: Ghosts Of The Past 12" $10.00


Nice vinyl treatment of the Hellshock demo on LP. Tip on sleeve, get this demo of Bolt Thrower & 80s crust worship on the best format.

Reality Crisis: Discharge Your Frustration LP
REALITY CRISIS: Discharge Your Frustration 12" LP $9.00


Vinyl treatment of the most recent album from this great, long running Japanese crustcore band. Howling and screaming vocals under a backdrop of perfectly sloppy hardcore punk with some dark melody. Great.

Masshysteri s/t LP
MASSHYSTERI s/t 12" LP $10.00


Amazing 2nd LP from these Swedes, US pressing on Feral Ward with a tip on cover strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast. Members of The Vicious and Regulations.

DESPERATE HOURS: The Ironies Of Life Continue... 7" $5.00


Translated description from Punk And Destroy:
"Stealing their name from an Anti-cimex song, this Californian three piece fits in with their west coast contemporaries MUNDO MUERTO, NERVESKADE, and HELPLESS. This EP is a follow-up to their 2010 DEMO with a more polished and explosive sound; think aggressive, thrashing metal tinged guitar, thundering D-Beat rhythms, and angry, angry vocals combined into a crushing monster of Scandi-infulenced crust. Fans of the previously mentioned bands, along with NYC's NOMAD, PERDITION, and CERVIX, shouldn't sleep on this. 500 copies."

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