Saturday, February 4, 2017


Blistering, raw face ripping hardcore punk from French Basque country.  Seriously my favorite E.P. that I have released to date. Split release with the band and Flower Of Carnage. Contact them if you live in Europe or Southeast Asia.
If you are in the U.S., send $8.50 to by Paypal.

SKEMÄTA - Sanctioned Genocide 7"
Apparently recorded during the same session as the awesome LP on Sorry State. I love how they took a sound and did something more interesting with it and made it their own.
If you are in the U.S., send $8.50 to by Paypal.

If you buy both of these together, send $13 to I am donating $3 of each $13 order to the ACLU.

Sorry for long-time-no-update. The Solar Funeral . org website is dead and so are the email extensions associated with the domains (also the PO Box in Heath is shut down, don't send anything there!). If you have been trying to email me, sorry about that. Honestly, it has been pretty nice not getting all those emails from all you assholes that added me to your mailing lists without even asking haha. This just wasn't that fun anymore, so I had to take a break. I am going to continue doing the label, but in a smaller capacity and I am going to focus on some of my own releases that have been put on the back burner to get some others out for time sensitive reasons, like bands going on tour and such. I don't regret releasing those records, I feel like I released some really great shit and I hope those bands and some other people agree.

Over the first quarter of this year and I going into fund raising mode to finally get the 2nd NUKKEHAMMER 7" out, the goal is to have that out in time for the 10th anniversary show that we have planned in September. I have come to terms with the fact that I have WAY too many records and was continuing to buy stuff for my personal collection that I was never going to listen to on a record player. It's due to a bunch of reasons, mostly because I have so many records and probably listen to the same 100 classics 95% of the time. But also, as I have gotten older, I have much less time to sit in front of a record player. I listen to music much more on the go these days, for better or worse. Anyway, my point is, if you see me selling a record of your band or maybe you gave it to me, don't be pissed, just be happy that it is helping me release the next NUKKEHAMMER EP and most of all, getting my damn house cleaned up. I love hardcore, punk and metal and love that bands continue to beat these dead horses over and over again, just because I am selling a record, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it on other formats. Just everyone tell yourselves that, if it's your band being sold hehe (don't worry, it has happened to me, many times). But seriously, when all your records can't fit in 2 large expedits, you're out of control. Jos and Alex Warhead, I am looking at you.

Ooookay, with that out of the way, back to the main point of this post. I released these two kick ass records and ran out of steam when it was time to distribute them properly. Email me if you want some of these wholesale ( Put me back on your mailing list without me signing up for it and I will mail a pile of dogshit to your house. Just kidding. Not really kidding at all. I am not sure if I am going to keep doing the e-commerce site, that was a huge part of the reason that this became un-fun for me. I loved trading and getting letters from people that ordered records. I loved the interaction that came with running a label and distro. Getting cold emails notifying you of a PayPal payment and maintaining an e-inventory of a distro is the exact opposite of fun...and not what I want out of punk. Kudos to those guys that can keep doing that and continue doing a killer job at it, you are filling a great need, but it's just not for me. I love ordering records and really appreciate their hard work and dedication. This isn't a slam on them. I will figure something out when I get the new website up. In the mean time, pick up these raging fucking records.

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