Monday, February 25, 2013



SECT 12" $15.00
You hear a lot of hype about Barcelona bands these days, and most of the time I think "ehh yeah, this is pretty good" but I am not necessarily blown away. SECT is one of these Barcelona bands that hasn't quite hit the hype machine yet, but if the world were to give me a small window to which it would give an ear to me for once, I would say that this LP deserves a listen from anyone that is mildly interested in 80s UK punk or peace punk in general. The great melodic, desperate female vocals are a no brainer for me and the music carries a stripped down, dark, classic feel that reminds me of something that would have been a Crass Records favorite of mine, had it been released back then. Fantastic record.

Please note that these LPs got roughed up a little on their trip here from Spain, most of the covers have a one inch seam split.
Listen to the LP here:
(2012, Spain - Discos Enfermos//Spain)

CHAOS CHANNEL - How You'd Never Been So High 12" $16.00
How You'd Never Been So High, But Then, You'd Never Needed To Be? 12"

CHAOS CHANNEL is here to save us from the muck and monotony that is "noisy hardcore" in 2013. Thanks to the great Tardis label for blessing us with the vinyl version. Originally released on CD in 2010. 10 catchy tunes with the perfect nasty guitar sound mixed with a pop sensibility that will have you bobbing your head to all the polka beats. R U Confused yet?
(2012, Japan - Tardis//UK)

Absolute killer split 7" by some of my favorite current hardcore groups. If you are a fan of great female fronted 90s bands like HEALTH HAZARD or UNHINGED, then PEACEBASTARD is for you. Their 7" on Heartfirst is a crusher. Most fans of Norwegian hardcore know who DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE are at this point and their songs on this split are no let down. Intense, no frills d-beat hardcore for the hardcore. Great shit!

"Split 7" by PEACEBASTARD (Berlin) and DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE (Oslo) entitled "Dishonorable Bastard". The PEACEBASTARD songs are from the same session as their "Global Crisis" EP on HeartFirst. The Norwegians went into the studio especially for the three songs on this split, shortly after their ass-kicking "Nightmare Visions E.P." 12", one of the best releases in the year 2012." -Heartfirst
(2013, Norway/Germany - Heartfirst//Germany)

PIG//CONTROL 7" $6.00
Debut 7" smasher from this hardcore punk group from Berlin, Germany. 4 songs of intense, loud and raw hardcore recorded properly and not all thin sounding. Comes with a poster. Great first 7", keep an eye out for these mutants.

"I know this band is kinda new for folks if you are not in Germany (they just toured the UK), but I cannot recommend them enough. This will probably be the best debut vinyl by a German DIY hardcore punk band in the year 2013. Check out their demo songs online: The style is similar, but the new songs are better, not just sound-wise." -Heartfirst
(2013, Germany - Heartfirst//Germany)

Punk band from Albany, NY. Straight forward chord punk guitars accompanied by upbeat drumming and some great melodic vocals and thoughtful social/political lyrics. This reminds me of bands like DAN, EBBA GRON, VANNA INGET. This is the same vocalist that is on the amazing PERMACULTURE 7".
(2010, USA - Loud Punk//USA)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2002 footage of The Awakening

Thanks to Jimmy for uploading these. A nice little trip down memory lane.

8/10/2002 final show, Columbus OH - Legion Of Doom

7/26/2002 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA

7/28/2002 Portland, OR 

7/2002 Pat's House, Washington DC

7/2002 Seattle, WA