Friday, May 17, 2013

[SOLAR021] GASMASK TERRÖR - 17101961 7" available now!

WARNING FRENCH CONTENT! From the unsung country of France, here is a scorching new offering from GASMASK TERRÖR, fit to sit amongst the best of their catalog. I would put this in line with some of their most ripping output, the Black Sun / Fake Gold 12”, the Architects Of Death 7” and the Like Daggers 7”. France actually has a rich history of great punk and hardcore, from bands like Camera Silens, Kidnap, Heimat-Los to the underdog bands of our modern times like State Poison, Warning//Warning, Kalte Lust and La Fraction. GASMASK TERRÖR’s relentless onslaught of smashing d-beats, riffs and bleeding throat vocals demands a place at the table.

mp3: Octobre Rouge

Split release with SPHC.
European version can be bought from: Destructure.
Japanese distribution, please email Flower Of Carnage- flowerofcarnage (at) riseup (dot) net

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Help Alexandria Reese win a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle!

Alix is my local hero, she was part of the Columbus music scene and in 2010, she was taking a friend home and was in the wrong place at the wrong time and drove into a gang shooting and was hit in the spine by a stray bullet, paralyzing her from the neck down. Obviously this was a horrible thing, but since this she has continued to inspire many of us through just being an awesome lady and continuing live life to the fullest of her abilities regardless of her circumstances.

This is a contest to help her win a custom wheelchair accessible vehicle, I want to see her at shows again!!

You can vote once a day from an IP address...let's do this!
vote here:

Watch her story:


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


HERÄTYS - Näen Punaista 7" $4.50
Hail to Prank for a US release of this absolute ripper. This is one of my favorite EPs from 2012. Yellow vinyl.

"Sweden's HERATYS combine the overdrive of D-beat hardcore like TOTALITAR with the savage consonant-laden vocal attack of classic Finnish hardcore, topping this 7-song rampage with blazing guitar leads punctuated with searing quick solos. Featuring Members of SCUMBRIGADE and SKITSYSTEM, HERATYS were a unique band in Swedish hardcore, singing entirely in Finnish. They wrote - and thankfully recorded- this final 7" before their unexpected breakup in 2012, as it's one of the most completely raging Scandinavian - or otherwise- Hardcore records of recent note, reaching their most seamless combination of the influences that surfaced in their previous 12" and 4 song EP released in Europe. US pressing of this EP was mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in pocket Sleeve with Insert. Members now play in HARDA TILDER and INSTITUTION." -Prank
(2013, Sweden, Prank//USA)

STATE VIOLENCE - You Now See Truth In The Lie 7” $5.00
Brand new EP from Washington D.C.'s STATE VIOLENCE. 4 hardcore rippers with an interesting vocal style. Good shit.

EIEFITS - 依存症 7" $5.50
"EIEFITS Is a new band from Tokyo, Featuring members of THE HECK, COLORED RICEMEN, FORWARD, KGS, LIPCREAM and FAMILYMAN. This is their debut 3 Song 7" with a sharp Hardcore Punk attack of piercing female vocals over sturdy riff laden momentum built by pounding drums, thunderous bass and tough guitar riffs. The sound recalls great moments of Classic Tokyo Proto-Hardcore like COMES, with catchy sing-a-long songs on three songs - "Human Error", "Enough" "Addiction"!" -Prank
(2012, Japan, Mangrove/Japan - Rebel Label/Japan)

EFFLUXUS - Devoid EP 7" $4.50
Orange vinyl.

"Blasting noise edged "Headache hardcore" from the SF Bay Area, EFFLUXUS mix caustic influences from blown out Japanese and Chaotic European hardcore with their own straight ahead overdrive. Featuring former members of MORPHEME, YADOKAI, SANCTUM and DETONIZE, EFFLUXUS' Debut Prank 4 song EP features their trademark harsh buzzsaw guitar distortion, Hauntingly echoing Shouted vocals and thundering drum attack. A raw explosion of Intensity, EFFLUXUS previously released a 12" on seattle's RUST & MACHINE and have numerous DIY demos released worldwide. One of the strong forces of the current Bay Area DIY Scene, regularly organizing festivals, gigs and tours, EFFLUXUS will tour the west coast in May with Sweden's INFERNOH. Cover art by Guillem from DESTINO FINAL, Mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in textured pocket Sleeve with Insert." -Prank
(2013, USA, Prank//USA)

4 way comp of Ohio and West Virginia area bands, really stoked that this came out.


Hanging Coffins

Life Mess:
Dreams of Death
Ignore the Holy

Cop Hugger:
The Everyday


Pressing: limited to 250 recycled black vinyl with screen printed jackets
(2013, USA, Shout Out Loud//USA)

LIFE - Violence, Peace and Peace Research 12" $18.00
Brand new 12" from Japanese Hardcore greats, LIFE. Fear not if you were concerned after the style change on their last 7". This 22 song ripper is full boar, nasty hardcore in the crusty style. Some old songs, some new and a DISCLOSE cover. Self released by the band. Note that there is a small seam split at the top of these sleeves from shipping.
(2013, Japan, Punk Bastard//Japan)

Monday, February 25, 2013



SECT 12" $15.00
You hear a lot of hype about Barcelona bands these days, and most of the time I think "ehh yeah, this is pretty good" but I am not necessarily blown away. SECT is one of these Barcelona bands that hasn't quite hit the hype machine yet, but if the world were to give me a small window to which it would give an ear to me for once, I would say that this LP deserves a listen from anyone that is mildly interested in 80s UK punk or peace punk in general. The great melodic, desperate female vocals are a no brainer for me and the music carries a stripped down, dark, classic feel that reminds me of something that would have been a Crass Records favorite of mine, had it been released back then. Fantastic record.

Please note that these LPs got roughed up a little on their trip here from Spain, most of the covers have a one inch seam split.
Listen to the LP here:
(2012, Spain - Discos Enfermos//Spain)

CHAOS CHANNEL - How You'd Never Been So High 12" $16.00
How You'd Never Been So High, But Then, You'd Never Needed To Be? 12"

CHAOS CHANNEL is here to save us from the muck and monotony that is "noisy hardcore" in 2013. Thanks to the great Tardis label for blessing us with the vinyl version. Originally released on CD in 2010. 10 catchy tunes with the perfect nasty guitar sound mixed with a pop sensibility that will have you bobbing your head to all the polka beats. R U Confused yet?
(2012, Japan - Tardis//UK)

Absolute killer split 7" by some of my favorite current hardcore groups. If you are a fan of great female fronted 90s bands like HEALTH HAZARD or UNHINGED, then PEACEBASTARD is for you. Their 7" on Heartfirst is a crusher. Most fans of Norwegian hardcore know who DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE are at this point and their songs on this split are no let down. Intense, no frills d-beat hardcore for the hardcore. Great shit!

"Split 7" by PEACEBASTARD (Berlin) and DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE (Oslo) entitled "Dishonorable Bastard". The PEACEBASTARD songs are from the same session as their "Global Crisis" EP on HeartFirst. The Norwegians went into the studio especially for the three songs on this split, shortly after their ass-kicking "Nightmare Visions E.P." 12", one of the best releases in the year 2012." -Heartfirst
(2013, Norway/Germany - Heartfirst//Germany)

PIG//CONTROL 7" $6.00
Debut 7" smasher from this hardcore punk group from Berlin, Germany. 4 songs of intense, loud and raw hardcore recorded properly and not all thin sounding. Comes with a poster. Great first 7", keep an eye out for these mutants.

"I know this band is kinda new for folks if you are not in Germany (they just toured the UK), but I cannot recommend them enough. This will probably be the best debut vinyl by a German DIY hardcore punk band in the year 2013. Check out their demo songs online: The style is similar, but the new songs are better, not just sound-wise." -Heartfirst
(2013, Germany - Heartfirst//Germany)

Punk band from Albany, NY. Straight forward chord punk guitars accompanied by upbeat drumming and some great melodic vocals and thoughtful social/political lyrics. This reminds me of bands like DAN, EBBA GRON, VANNA INGET. This is the same vocalist that is on the amazing PERMACULTURE 7".
(2010, USA - Loud Punk//USA)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2002 footage of The Awakening

Thanks to Jimmy for uploading these. A nice little trip down memory lane.

8/10/2002 final show, Columbus OH - Legion Of Doom

7/26/2002 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA

7/28/2002 Portland, OR 

7/2002 Pat's House, Washington DC

7/2002 Seattle, WA

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

distro additions: SOCIETY NURSE 12" / HERPES 7"

SOCIETY NURSE 12" $10.50
(2013, USA - Iron Lung Records//USA)

"These guys have only gotten better with time. Since the sold-out-in-a-flash Junk Existence 7", SN has changed singers and written a few more unruly American hardcore songs for you to engorge your virgin pink ears on. Hard sounds in the vein of the 80's Touch & Go midwest with the modern ILR urgency you've come to expect. Outclass yourself and get this before it goes away forever. Art by Matt Adis. Strictly limited to 700 copies. Thank you and goodbye."

HERPES 7" $5.00
(2012, USA - Goblin Shark//USA)

6 track debut 7" of fucked up nasty hardcore punk. Ex-NO FUCKER, great.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Two French bands for the price of one!


April 27th: Worcester, MA @ The Firehouse w/ Crazy Spirit, Glam (Spain), Una Bestia Incontrolable (Spain)

April 28th: Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron w/ Shoxx, Survival, Missionary

April 29th: Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Munchausen, Roman Holiday, Paranoias

April 30th: Washington DC @ The Dougout w/ Coke Bust, Nervous Impulse

May 1st: Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Unsacred, Disparage

May 2nd: Raleigh, NC @ The Night Light w/ No Tomorrow

May 3rd: Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ Stepdad SS

May 4th: Gainesville, FL @ Mars w/ Life Chain, Church Whip +more

May 5th: Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Life Chain, Disable

May 6th: Nashville, TN @ The Owl Farm w/ Pissbath, Cannomen, Vacant Future

May 7th: Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups w/ Nukkehammer, Nervosas


May 8th: Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class

May 9th: Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar w/ Beastman, Rotten UK, Hunted Down

May 10th: New Brunswick, NJ - TBA w/ Night Birds

May 11th: Brooklyn, NY @ Fitness w/ Male Nurses, Ugly Parts, Dipers, GBX

Gasmask Terrör will have a new 7" out on SPHC/Solar Funeral for the tour.

Gasmask Terrör

Youth Avoiders

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Vex Records - D.S.B - Useless System Abuse 12", DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE - Nightmare Visions 12"


New additions from Vex and Heartfirst.
webstore here.

D.S.B. - Useless System Abuse 12" $10.00
D.S.B.'s third 12" released from the anger and frustration of being denied entry for their attempted 2008 U.S. tour. This record sees the band with a more blown out drum sound and some more melody in the vocals. This comes in a gatefold sleeve packed with a DVD of footage from their 2008 European tour. I never did get to see this band live.
(2009, Japan - Vex//USA)

DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE - Nightmare Visions E.P. 12" $9.00
Norwegian d-beat hardcore hell of the highest order. Slobbering fast, tight and raw, 8 unrelenting ragers on their debut 12". I have been waiting white knuckled, for this to come out and I have not been let down! I am going to get a lot of RPMs out of this one.
(2012, Norway - Vex//USA)

KRIEGSHÖG - Hardcore Hell E.P. 7" $6.00
Japanese HC monster that ripped everyone's face off when this originally came out. Thanks to Heartfirst Records, this is currently in print and isn't just collector scum fodder. Heavy and intense hardcore with black metal sounding vocals. This version has an extra song over the Hardcore Survives version. Hardcore Hell completely blows away the 12" if you ask me.
(2008, Japan - Heartfirst//Germany)

PEACEBASTARD - Global Crisis 7" $6.00
This record really took me by surprise, but I should expect no less from the great Heartfirst label. These come in cool silk screened covers with a stamped tag. The label description is too good not to use:

"It is 2012 and most of your friends decided that neo crust and 80s USHC revival is over, instead they all listen to music like lo-fi black metal and neo folk and play in bands that recycle post-punk, goth or power pop like their heroes from the US, Sweden and Barcelona. PEACEBASTARD do not fall into any of those categories. They remind me of something else: There was a time in the 1990s when the European DIY hardcore punk was totally happening. Bands like UNHINGED, QUARANTINE, EBOLA, HEALTH HAZARD, LOST WORLD etc. toured the squats of Europe, bringing fast and powerful punk with great female vocals to the dread-locked, soap-free youth. After flooring the audiences with their music the band members would hang out with the locals and drink until the sun came up. Some people still remember that style, even though it is kinda uncool today. Many moons ago in Berlin, three guys who had been around the block for a while formed the band PEACEBASTARD, what they played was not quite "crust" and not quite "d-beat" (even though they liked to describe themselves as that). To me they were just pure old-style hardcore punk impact! After playing out for some time as a three-piece PEACEBASTARD recruited the singer from a famous Swedish band on vocal duties. And as a four piece they really reached the next level. HeartFirst is very happy to release their second EP after their 5-song debut EP. This one has 6 new songs that are fast, angry and rocking at the same time. The 7" comes packaged in a four-color silk screened cover done by the Big Double Os and with a special label attached, as the band tried to get away from the usual artwork for this kind of musical style. But most of all, you should go and see this band live and if you have any money left after drinking and pain killers, maybe you want to buy this EP." -Heartfirst
(2012, Germany - Heartfirst//Germany)

VAASKA - Condenado 7" $6.00
After a demo and 12", here is a great E.P. released by German HC stalwart label, Heartfirst. This is one of my favorite U.S. bands of the past few years. Had the pleasure of seeing them live a couple times. Original and classy sounding mid-paced Discharge style hardcore from Austin, TX with some ripping and memorable guitar playing, not to mention lyrics sung in Spanish. Nice packaging with silk screened inner sleeve. This record is less on the raw and more on the crushing side of the spectrum, it feels more like it can sit comfortably next to THE IMPALERS, who I also love. Hardcore KILLER.
(2012, USA - Heartfirst//Germany)

MÜLLTÜTE - 2nd 7" $6.00
Fantastic 2nd E.P. from this German HC punk group. This band is 2 for 2 in great 7"s so far. Flo's description is priceless as well:

"These guys from Berlin got something special going on. I do not remember any other band from Germany that ever sounded like them. Their style is totally stripped-down, raw, mid-tempo, powerful, feedback-laden hardcore punk -- rather the USHC way, but it comes with great vocals and great lyrics in German. Still this is no Deutschpunk even though some folks label the band this way. This is their second EP, after a best-selling demo tape and a self-released 7" EP of 2011. Their vinyl debut caused a little hype with someone from the US even calling MÜLLTÜTE “the best German hardcore record in 20 years”. But I sometimes question people’s expertise on the subject. Probably their other favorite band of 20 years ago was ACME. Or maybe they were not even born 20 years ago. Anyway, with this new EP HeartFirst Records is proud to release another six song ripper by MÜLLTÜTE for the masses. Despite many offers of illegal drugs and worldwide fame from international labels the boys have inked a long-term record deal with HeartFirst, where 6 song EPs on 45 rpm are the current standard." -Heartfirst
(2012, Germany - Heartfirst//Germany)

RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Huellas De Odio 7" $6.00
I had the pleasure of catching this band in Japan at the Yokohama International Hardcore Festival with GASMASK TERRÖR & THINK AGAIN in 2011. Ripping fast, tight hardcore, played with passion and fury. Avert your eyes if you are sweatily scouring the internet for trendy hardcore to flip.
"One of the best bands world-wide at the moment. This is an eight-song-scorcher that does not let up. At least as good as their previous releases -- debut 7" and split LP with SOLID DECLINE on THOUGHT CRIME/RESIDUE and several sampler tracks. Though the band lives in Vienna, the lyrics are in Spanish because the singer is from Chile. How many bad hardcore 7"s with eight songs do you know? I am not talking about grind, but no frills hardcore punk. If you have seen this band live, you know how great they are. No expensive was spared for this release: Recorded by Frank Bolz at SAW in Germany, smart cover artwork that works both ways (front/back), screenprinted on an offset printed cover in different colours. You need this." -Heartfirst
(2010, Austria - Heartfirst//Germany)