Thursday, December 27, 2012

NEEDLES - Desesperación 7", DEATHRAID / DESPERAT - split 12", SNIGMORD - Demo 2012 CS

New distro additions.

NEEDLES - Desesperación 7" $5.00
This is the 3rd NEEDLES 7". 6 songs of fantastic hardcore punk played with inspiration, power and ingenuity. This is one of my favorite current US bands and I have to say that this EP is even better than the first 2. This comes with a silk screened dust sleeve and download. Crucial.
(2012. USA - Iron Lung Records//USA)

DEATHRAID / DESPERAT - split 12"  $12.00
7 songs from each band. This is the US version on World Funeral records. Gatefold sleeve on purplish color vinyl. DEATHRAID are from Seattle (ex- CONSUME, STATE OF FEAR, DISRUPT, etc). DESPERAT are from Sweden (members of MOB47 and DISCARD). 
(2012, USA/Sweden - World Funeral//USA)

SNIGMORD - Demo 2012 CS
Melodic punk from a Scandanavian pedigree of members ranging from THE ASSASSINATORS, UNDERGANG and KNUSTE RUTER. This has a very similar vibe to THE ASSASSINATORS but with some more complex guitar and song arrangements. Catchy and powerful stuff! Comes shrink wrapped with a digital download.
(2012, Halo Of Flies//USA - Alerta Antifascista//Germany)

Also added a few copies of the new LOTUS FUCKER 12", INVERVIBLES 7" and OUNCE - Travels CS.