Saturday, May 26, 2012

AKKA 7", BRAIN KILLER - new 7", STAB 7", YADOKAI 2nd 7", HUNTED DOWN 7", etc

New distro stuff-


AKKA - 5 Songs EP 7" $8.00
(Hardcore Survives//Japan)
All female hardcore from Shikoku-island, Japan. I get a big 90s UK anarcho-crust core vibe with the nasty turned up, so say, filtered through Collapse Society or something like that. I saw this group in the summer of 2011, awesome live show, ugly guitar sound and lots of hair flying around.



BRAIN KILLER - 3rd 7" $5.00
(Framework//USA - Vinyl Rites//USA)
"Picking up where 2011's 'Every Actual State is Corrupt' LP left off, this is the new EP of punk music from Boston's Brain Killer. Mixing Crucifix, Deathreat, and driving Japanese hardcore, Brain Killer have made their most powerful and mature EP yet. Really it just sounds like a hardcore Discharge, but what else would you want? The best song writing; distilling riffs into simpleness with no filler. Loud music for humans." -Vinyl Rites/Framework



STAB - Nation Rising 7" $4.50
"Four diasporic ragers based in London release 6 songs of fast fury at the state of the nation. After a positive response to the demo released early 2011, STAB continue to look back at 80s UK Hardcore whilst dissecting the now, turning their backs on the current wave of whinging punk prophesying end times to justify inaction and indifference. Bringing their cultural backgrounds together amidst recent events such as riots, failed protests and the isolationism of their island home, STAB attempts to pierce both sound waves and minds with this record.

Official USA pressing with new layout, limited to 375 copies." -Painkiller



YADOKAI - 2nd 7" $5.00
(Video Disease//USA)
I wasn't real crazy about the first Yadokai EP, but this is actually really ripping. This is a giant improvement over the first record, for me. Taking the interesting and awkward song structures from Italian HC while keeping it intense and non-stop. Great, love it.

"Yadokai is back armed with a new drummer and an even bigger sound. Taking cues from classic Japanese and Italian HC but infusing it with the buzzsaw attack of Discharge they have truly become a hardcore monster. Piercing guitars, thunderous drums, and the screams and distorted yells of a singer in opposition to all forms of tyranny and hypocrisy. Their best and most consistent material to date, this it the standard to which bands of this ilk should be measured." -Video Disease



HUNTED DOWN - Life's Womb E.P. 7" $5.00
(Video Disease//USA)
"Debut 7" from Syracuse, NY's hottest HC band. Hunted Down takes cues from classic USHC bands but manages to add in influences from classic Japanese hardcore along the lines of Kuro or G-Zet. The vocals almost sound identical to Morikawa from Kuro, with the same violent and nihilistic delivery but now it is being spewed forth from a degenerate of the American working class." -Video Disease



WHITE WALLS - Full Flavor 7" $5.00
(Video Disease//USA)
"Latest and greatest 7" from Cincinatti's White Walls. These songs are from the same session as the first 7" and show a different side of the band. They get a little more hardcore on this release but still manage to throw in a slow creepy crawl that will make the hairs on your neck stand straight up. A crystal clear recording and an outstanding mastering job from Dan Randall gives this one a real punch that will leave you breathless." -Video Disease



Also added - BREATHING FIRE - Years Of Lead 12" (KILLER), REDFLESH - Raw War 7"

Monday, May 14, 2012

[SOLAR009] SILO - Ask The Question CS

The band will have the tape available at this show:

Columbus, OH
Thurs. 5/17
@Carabar 9pm
115 Parsons Avenue


Copies will be available for mailorder a little later.
Split release between Solar Funeral and Sacred.

Monday, May 7, 2012

ネメシス (NEMESIS) - 慟哭 (Dou-Koku) 7" available again!

Available once again. Pressing of 300 on blue vinyl for the Nemesis May 2012 Japanese tour:

05/02 Hiroshima - w/ Origin Of M, Nightmare, Asphalt, Heaven's Gates, Rapes
05/12 Nagoya - w/ Acrostix, Reality Crisis, System Fucker, D-Clone
05/13 Tokyo (Burning Spirits) - w/ Forward, Warhead, Zone, Akutare, The Slowmotions
05/15 TBA
05/16 Yokohama - w/ Think Again, Rydeen, Anarchy Condoms
05/17 Shizuoka - w/ 902, The Scooterz, Dildos, Texas Holydays
05/19 Osaka - w/ Nightmare, Organism, マサカリ, Anti Spectacle
05/20 Fukuoka - w/ TBA

Also added distro items-
CITIZENS ARREST - Soaked In Others Blood 7"
OMEGAS - N.Y. Terminator 7"
FRENZY - Noizey Trouble 7"
LUCHA ETERNA - Ataque De Los Neustros 7"
FUGITIVE FAMILY - The Saddest Story Ever Told 7"
SICKOIDS s/t 12"
U.B.R. - Še En Lep Dan Za Umret 12"
AVENGERS, THE - Paint It Black 7"
AVENGERS, THE - Teenage Rebel 7"
AVENGERS, THE - We Are The One 7"

up next on Solar Funeral - PARALYZER 12", BETONG HYSTERIA - Vi Vil Ikke Ha 7", ICON GALLERY 7" single