Thursday, April 12, 2012


I believe this is a 2nd pressing of 100? The covers are red this time, instead of green. Great stuff...this is everything that I love about hardcore.

"Pure Scum is a band of 15- and 16-year old kids from Raleigh, NC playing pure, undiluted hardcore. After being blown away by them at their first show, I knew I had to get these ragers' set on tape before they started wearing skinny jeans, listening to Joy Division, or whatever else it is that keeps modern hardcore from being this good. Nine songs about hating school, not being cool, and wanting to kill your family. Highly recommended for people who think that the Negative Approach and SOA EPs are the absolute pinnacle of human cultural achievement. Limited to 100 pro-printed cassettes with 2-color, screen-printed j-cards and digital download." -Sorry State
(Sorry State//USA)

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