Thursday, December 27, 2012

NEEDLES - Desesperación 7", DEATHRAID / DESPERAT - split 12", SNIGMORD - Demo 2012 CS

New distro additions.

NEEDLES - Desesperación 7" $5.00
This is the 3rd NEEDLES 7". 6 songs of fantastic hardcore punk played with inspiration, power and ingenuity. This is one of my favorite current US bands and I have to say that this EP is even better than the first 2. This comes with a silk screened dust sleeve and download. Crucial.
(2012. USA - Iron Lung Records//USA)

DEATHRAID / DESPERAT - split 12"  $12.00
7 songs from each band. This is the US version on World Funeral records. Gatefold sleeve on purplish color vinyl. DEATHRAID are from Seattle (ex- CONSUME, STATE OF FEAR, DISRUPT, etc). DESPERAT are from Sweden (members of MOB47 and DISCARD). 
(2012, USA/Sweden - World Funeral//USA)

SNIGMORD - Demo 2012 CS
Melodic punk from a Scandanavian pedigree of members ranging from THE ASSASSINATORS, UNDERGANG and KNUSTE RUTER. This has a very similar vibe to THE ASSASSINATORS but with some more complex guitar and song arrangements. Catchy and powerful stuff! Comes shrink wrapped with a digital download.
(2012, Halo Of Flies//USA - Alerta Antifascista//Germany)

Also added a few copies of the new LOTUS FUCKER 12", INVERVIBLES 7" and OUNCE - Travels CS.

Monday, November 12, 2012

ICON GALLERY - Valiace b/w The Pact 7" AVAILABLE NOW!

SOLAR019 :: ICON GALLERY - Valiance b/w The Pact 7"

All pressing plant boiler meltdowns aside, the new ICON GALLERY 7" has persevered against all odds. I fell in love with this band once I heard their demo, and after an LP and a 7" I am happy say that their newest E.P. is now available from SOLAR FUNERAL. Dark, driving punk rock with great riffing and operatic vocals. This fantastic 2 song EP will give us a look through the window into what's in store on their next LP.

Hellbanger version on purple vinyl available through mailorder and from
the band.

Get in touch for wholesale, or contact Ebullition. Trades considered.

MP3: Valiance

Order: here

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dancing on a ledge

Recent distro additions.

KALTE LUST from France brings us this dark and moody, female fronted 12". This has a great post punk feel with melodic vocals, inspired by bands like Siouxie & Banshees. Wholesale available, get in touch if interested. 
French import.

"The Fuck Geez first formed in Osaka, Japan in 1982, taking inspiration from '77 UK punk bands as well as Japanese hardcore bands of the era. The band then relocated to Maizuru city, Kyoto, Japan in 1984. They first debuted with the "Cut It Off" flexi in 1983 followed by the "Zzz........" flexi in 1985, "Punk Rock de...." 7" and "Not For Sale" flexi in 1986 all on the MCR Co. label. "Here's The Fuck Geez" 7" was released in 1987 on Jungle Hop International (France). The Fuck Geez also released a studio and live album in 1989 entitled "No Way To Escape" and appeared on many compilations of flexi, 7", LP, CD and video in 1980s on labels from the US, France, Finland, and more. While their sound progressed somewhat over time, the music retained a distinctly Japanese sound and style that the country was well known for. This release contains 14 songs by the Fuck Geez and also comes with a digital download code for a Fuck Geez live show. The LP jacket and insert come in full color and remind me of the Sex Pistols in their style. Fuck Geez vocalist Yumikes remains very active in the punk scene today running the great MCR Company label." -Social Napalm
(Social Napalm//USA)

Raging new 5 song hardcore punk demo from Chicago's VIOLENT END, featuring members of VILE GASH and RAW NERVE among others. This demo is a great mixture of rawness and power.
(Violent Action Records//USA)

Demos collection "box set" including the "Peace, They Hate The Very Word" demo (2002) and the "No Flesh Shall Be Spared" demo (2003). Comes as two cassettes in a nice DVD box. Awesome band, this is a great way to have these demos if you missed out. Probably the best US d-beat band from this last decade.

Debut 7" of this raw hardcore punk group from Montreal. Featuring members of the great AFTER THE BOMBS. This is more wild sounding with a straight forward attack.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

ICON GALLERY Sept. 2012 northeastern US Tour & new 7" single

I am happy to announce that Solar Funeral will be releasing ICON GALLERY's next LP, but first, they will have a new 7" single ready for the tour to give a little preview of what's to come. ICON GALLERY is a great, unique punk band from Pittsburgh, their new songs are amazing, I hope everyone loves them as much as I do. Go see them on tour and show them a good time.

I can wholesale their great debut LP on Dear Skull, get in touch if you want some-
info (at) solar-funeral (dot) org
...or if you just want a single copy, go here.

ICON GALLERY Sept tour 2012.
I will update the details as they are confirmed.

Thurs. 9/6 Baltimore, MD

Fri. 9/7 Philadelphia, PA
@ The Farm 7:00 pm

Sat. 9/8 NYC, NY
@ Death By Audio, 29 S. 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY
FB Event

Sun. 9/9 Boston, MA 
@ Trouble Ahead, Allston, MA 7 pm
FB event

Mon. 9/10 Albany, NY
@ Valentine's

Tues. 9/11 Buffalo, NY
@ The Polish Library (upstairs) 612 Fillmore Ave. 8:00 pm sharp
FB event

Wed. 9/12 Columbus, OH
@ Carabar 115 Parsons Ave. 9 pm Free
Thurs. 9/13 Chicago, IL
@ The Albion House 1719 W. Albion 8 pm $7

Fri. 9/14 Grand Rapids, MI
@ Videodrome 10 Jefferson Grand Rapids 49503

Sat. 9/15 Cincinnati, OH  
@ Baba Budan's 239 W. McMillan St.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

AKKA 7", BRAIN KILLER - new 7", STAB 7", YADOKAI 2nd 7", HUNTED DOWN 7", etc

New distro stuff-


AKKA - 5 Songs EP 7" $8.00
(Hardcore Survives//Japan)
All female hardcore from Shikoku-island, Japan. I get a big 90s UK anarcho-crust core vibe with the nasty turned up, so say, filtered through Collapse Society or something like that. I saw this group in the summer of 2011, awesome live show, ugly guitar sound and lots of hair flying around.



BRAIN KILLER - 3rd 7" $5.00
(Framework//USA - Vinyl Rites//USA)
"Picking up where 2011's 'Every Actual State is Corrupt' LP left off, this is the new EP of punk music from Boston's Brain Killer. Mixing Crucifix, Deathreat, and driving Japanese hardcore, Brain Killer have made their most powerful and mature EP yet. Really it just sounds like a hardcore Discharge, but what else would you want? The best song writing; distilling riffs into simpleness with no filler. Loud music for humans." -Vinyl Rites/Framework



STAB - Nation Rising 7" $4.50
"Four diasporic ragers based in London release 6 songs of fast fury at the state of the nation. After a positive response to the demo released early 2011, STAB continue to look back at 80s UK Hardcore whilst dissecting the now, turning their backs on the current wave of whinging punk prophesying end times to justify inaction and indifference. Bringing their cultural backgrounds together amidst recent events such as riots, failed protests and the isolationism of their island home, STAB attempts to pierce both sound waves and minds with this record.

Official USA pressing with new layout, limited to 375 copies." -Painkiller



YADOKAI - 2nd 7" $5.00
(Video Disease//USA)
I wasn't real crazy about the first Yadokai EP, but this is actually really ripping. This is a giant improvement over the first record, for me. Taking the interesting and awkward song structures from Italian HC while keeping it intense and non-stop. Great, love it.

"Yadokai is back armed with a new drummer and an even bigger sound. Taking cues from classic Japanese and Italian HC but infusing it with the buzzsaw attack of Discharge they have truly become a hardcore monster. Piercing guitars, thunderous drums, and the screams and distorted yells of a singer in opposition to all forms of tyranny and hypocrisy. Their best and most consistent material to date, this it the standard to which bands of this ilk should be measured." -Video Disease



HUNTED DOWN - Life's Womb E.P. 7" $5.00
(Video Disease//USA)
"Debut 7" from Syracuse, NY's hottest HC band. Hunted Down takes cues from classic USHC bands but manages to add in influences from classic Japanese hardcore along the lines of Kuro or G-Zet. The vocals almost sound identical to Morikawa from Kuro, with the same violent and nihilistic delivery but now it is being spewed forth from a degenerate of the American working class." -Video Disease



WHITE WALLS - Full Flavor 7" $5.00
(Video Disease//USA)
"Latest and greatest 7" from Cincinatti's White Walls. These songs are from the same session as the first 7" and show a different side of the band. They get a little more hardcore on this release but still manage to throw in a slow creepy crawl that will make the hairs on your neck stand straight up. A crystal clear recording and an outstanding mastering job from Dan Randall gives this one a real punch that will leave you breathless." -Video Disease



Also added - BREATHING FIRE - Years Of Lead 12" (KILLER), REDFLESH - Raw War 7"

Monday, May 14, 2012

[SOLAR009] SILO - Ask The Question CS

The band will have the tape available at this show:

Columbus, OH
Thurs. 5/17
@Carabar 9pm
115 Parsons Avenue


Copies will be available for mailorder a little later.
Split release between Solar Funeral and Sacred.

Monday, May 7, 2012

ネメシス (NEMESIS) - 慟哭 (Dou-Koku) 7" available again!

Available once again. Pressing of 300 on blue vinyl for the Nemesis May 2012 Japanese tour:

05/02 Hiroshima - w/ Origin Of M, Nightmare, Asphalt, Heaven's Gates, Rapes
05/12 Nagoya - w/ Acrostix, Reality Crisis, System Fucker, D-Clone
05/13 Tokyo (Burning Spirits) - w/ Forward, Warhead, Zone, Akutare, The Slowmotions
05/15 TBA
05/16 Yokohama - w/ Think Again, Rydeen, Anarchy Condoms
05/17 Shizuoka - w/ 902, The Scooterz, Dildos, Texas Holydays
05/19 Osaka - w/ Nightmare, Organism, マサカリ, Anti Spectacle
05/20 Fukuoka - w/ TBA

Also added distro items-
CITIZENS ARREST - Soaked In Others Blood 7"
OMEGAS - N.Y. Terminator 7"
FRENZY - Noizey Trouble 7"
LUCHA ETERNA - Ataque De Los Neustros 7"
FUGITIVE FAMILY - The Saddest Story Ever Told 7"
SICKOIDS s/t 12"
U.B.R. - Še En Lep Dan Za Umret 12"
AVENGERS, THE - Paint It Black 7"
AVENGERS, THE - Teenage Rebel 7"
AVENGERS, THE - We Are The One 7"

up next on Solar Funeral - PARALYZER 12", BETONG HYSTERIA - Vi Vil Ikke Ha 7", ICON GALLERY 7" single

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I believe this is a 2nd pressing of 100? The covers are red this time, instead of green. Great stuff...this is everything that I love about hardcore.

"Pure Scum is a band of 15- and 16-year old kids from Raleigh, NC playing pure, undiluted hardcore. After being blown away by them at their first show, I knew I had to get these ragers' set on tape before they started wearing skinny jeans, listening to Joy Division, or whatever else it is that keeps modern hardcore from being this good. Nine songs about hating school, not being cool, and wanting to kill your family. Highly recommended for people who think that the Negative Approach and SOA EPs are the absolute pinnacle of human cultural achievement. Limited to 100 pro-printed cassettes with 2-color, screen-printed j-cards and digital download." -Sorry State
(Sorry State//USA)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

[SOLAR018] GASMASK TERRÖR - Like Daggers 7" available now

4 song EP of white hot, rocking d-beat punk, originally released for their 2011 Japanese tour, now available again but on translucent yellow vinyl. This was one of my favorite 7"s released last year and I am honored to be a part of it this time around. For fans of Skitkids and Totalitär.

Europe, please contact Ratbone. Japan, please conact Flower Of Carnage.
(Solar Funeral//USA - Ratbone//France - Flower Of Carnage//Japan)

Also added these killers to the distro: IMPALERS - Demo 7", OILTANKER / NO TOMORROW split 12"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Help for Sarah Kirsch

Sad news about a truly inspiring person with in the DIY community. Help out with good wishes and money, if you can--

Please help a dear friend, Sarah Kirsch, who was an important figure and driving force in the 90s punk scene and beyond - she continues to be an important part of our community, our culture, and our music scene.

Even if you don't recognize this name, you probably know Sarah. She ...has been a huge part of the punk/radical community for decades as Mike Kirsch (Fuel, Sawhorse, Pinhead Gunpowder, John Henry West, Torches To Rome, Bread And Circuits, Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, Baader Brains, Mothercountry Motherfuckers, etc...). She not too long ago came out as a proud trans-woman, and almost immediately was confronted with these terrible health problems. Money is badly needed-- please help, and spread this appeal around! Details....

"Our good friend Sarah Kirsch was diagnosed over summer with Fanconi Anemia - a rare genetic disorder that causes Leukemia & other cancers. Despite being put through the f'n ringer by chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and very long hospital stays, Sarah is staying strong and fighting hard, finally out of the hospital and at home with her amazing partner Jess and loving full-time caregivers and friends, Paul and Ilya.

Aside from the unconditional emotional and physical support Sarah has received from her devoted extended family and friends, donations to date have been enormously helpful in lightening the financial burden of this kind of illness. The demand for supplies not covered by insurance is, however, unending and deepening - from food to cleaning supplies to lotion to kleenex to parking at the hospital... It is adding up and multiple life savings have already been depleted.

If you're able and would like to contribute in this way, please check out our Wepay account below. There is no donation too small, every $ helps."

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The new website and webstore is up!
I hope you all like it better.
You might have to refresh your browser for it to show up.

New jams added-
Ripping Japanese Hardcore from Mie City. 6 song EP in the vein of Hakodate greats like CRUDE, BALANCE, MUSTANG, etc. I love it.
(Not Very Nice//USA - General Speech//USA)

GREAT recording from 1982 that fell between the cracks of USHC history. Here is the label description-

After having been in limbo for the better part of 30 years, we are proud to bring you the long lost "BASIC TRAINING" E.P. by Norfolk, VA's FRONT LINE. Commonly known as the "Second Demo" by tape traders over the years, this was recorded in October of 1982 shortly before the band imploded, leading to the formation of BONESAW and eventually GOD'S WILL. "BASIC TRAINING" features 10 tracks of primal and vicious USHC not unlike fellow Virginians WHITE CROSS with whom they shared the stage many times over their brief existence. Select tracks from this session would go on to be featured on compilations like THE MASTER TAPE VOL. 2 on Paul Mahern's Affirmation Records (along side bands like MECHT MENSCH, ZERO BOYS, NO LABELS, and many more) and the legendary all Virginia TARANTULA ON MY COCK tape that guitarist Jeff Clites would release in 1983, but this is the first time all of these songs have officially appeared together the way they were meant to. This is raging Southern hardcore at it's finest.
(Beach Impediment//USA)

The most recent record from Baltimore/DC's long running ear piercing raw punk group. Unrelenting terror.
(Distort Reality//USA)

Richmond, VA gothic punk EP.
(Distort Reality//USA)

Brand new EXECUTION TECHNIQUES tape, released on the RENEGADE ASSAULT TANK tour early 2012.
(Earth Noise Eternal//USA)

Restock - PERDITION / NERVESKADE split 7"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's goin on, I ask you

New website/webstore soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

ネメシス (NEMESIS) 7" and Like Daggers 7" 2nd presses

Coming soon.

In time for the upcoming GASMASK TERRÖR French tour and NEMESIS Japanese tour.

March 22nd - TOULOUSE (31) Pavillons Sauvages ou Emergence TBC
March 23rd - MARSEILLE (13) Enthropy + Telecommande, Filthy Charity
March 24th - ST. ETIENNE (42) CS Gueule Noire + Telecommande...
March 25th - GRENOBLE (38) La BAF + Alligator...
March 26th - BESANÇON (25) Cour des Miracles + Black Code, Pazuzu
March 27th - PARIS (75) Miroiterie + Sectarian Violence, Peur Panique, Amer
March 28th - LILLE (59) CCL
March 29th - CAEN (14) El Camino + Exhaustion
March 30th - ANGERS (49) Conserverie + Attic Ted, Seb & The Rhaa Dicks...

Monday, February 27, 2012


V/A Complete Aural Turmoil - D-CLONE / MAUSER / FOLKEIIS - Japanese Tour 7" $8.00
(Hardcore Survives//Japan)
Brand new 3 way split from Hardcore Survives released in conjunction with the Mauser / D-Clone / Folkeiis Japanese tour. Mauser have been highly praised in the US for the past couple years and just came out with a 12". D-Clone from Nagoya, of course have had several releases, all just as top notch as their live performance. Of all the bands, I am most interested in hearing new Folkeiis material. This is a fantastic, powerful live Japanese band who have only released an EP and some compilation tracks, I am very curious to see how they sound on this record.

ZYKLOME A - Made In Belgium 12" $12.00
Legitimate reissue of this expensive/collectible Belgian hardcore punk group's 12" from 1984.

NO TOMORROW - Demo CS $3.00
(Nerotik Organization//USA)
Ripping crusty hardcore from North Carolina, this is their demo, soon to have a split LP with Oiltanker.

SINKING SHIP - 2000 Demo CS $3.00
(Nerotik Organization//USA)
13 songs of raw hardcore/grind. Features Mike Gifford post Slave State, pre Running For Cover. Limited to 100 copies.

RENEGADE ASSAULT TANK - bulldoze Into Burning Future CS $3.00
(Earth Noise Eternal//USA)
Bombastic hardcore rising from the putrid stench of Midwestern life. Features label meister of Earth Noise Eternal/Sacred/TSO on drums.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


WARRIOR KIDS - Les Enfants De L'Espoir... 12" $12.00
"This is the official U.S. reissue of the classic debut LP from Marseilles, France's Warrior Kids. This comes at a very crucial time, as it marks this classic skinhead/oi band's 30th year of existence. Appearing on various classic oi compilations, the original incarnation of Warrior Kids released a 7" single and this phenomenal LP, Les Enfant De L'Espoir. Warrior Kids remain one of the archetypical of the French oi bands, alongside Camera Silens and Komintern Sect and this is long out-of-print/expensive LP is now made available to the record buying public once more. Remastered by Josh Bonati." -KATORGA WORKS

MERCILESS GAME - Genjitsu Wo Kutabare 8" $7.50
"Merciless Game is a project band started as a solo endeavor by one dedicated individual and currently featuring members of xBrainiax, Lotus Fucker, and Chaos Destroy. Negative and spiteful noise punk a la Dust Noise, Screaming Noise, Expose, etc. Primitive and brutal." -SPHC

"Sete Star Sept is literally the best grind band I've ever seen live. For being just bass and drums, their recordings here sound massive, dense, claustrophobic. Wild arrangements hint at chaos yet they're too musically tight to just be randomized. This is how grindcore should sound to me: the destruction of music/art/everything. True professionals.

Penis Geyser's side was culled from tape recordings of this recent US tour. Again, the complete abandonment and destruction of musicality to express true feelings and energies. I love noisecore and these guys are reigning world champions." -SPHC

URBAN WASTE 12" EP $9.00
Nice, legitimate reissue of this classic USHC EP, originally released in 1982. This reissue went unavailable for a spell, but now it is back in print.

"A re-issue of the sole EP by one of the most sought after and enigmatic bands from the earliest days of New York hardcore. Despite the obscurity of the original release, Urban Waste was made famous through their signature style of blown-out, over the top hardcore punk replete with trademark menacing buzzsaw guitars and piercing vocals." -MAD AT THE WORLD

BATTLETORN - Reflect The Filth 12" $8.00
"Despite becoming a two-city band in 2007, the NYC / Nashville thrash-duo William and Omid soldiered on and continued to lay musical waste to all that crossed their path, managing a tour of Japan in the process. The ingredients to Battletorn's vision are few and simple, but they deliver such a ferocious thrash/ punk/ metal/ hardcore mania that you'd never guess there's only two of them. Perhaps the words of others describe them best: "With nothing to hide behind, be it longwinded, cryptic lyrics, 'majestic' album art or dense and overdone production, Battletorn come quickly, come prejudicially, and it’s all over before one’s able to really process what has transpired." (LeftHandPath) Reflect the Filth will be the band's final full-length offering, and compiles 8 studio tracks recorded at The Thousand Caves with Behold... The Arctopus' Colin Marston at the knobs on the A-side. Side B has a complete live set (clocking in at 15 minutes, it's the band's longest) recorded in Tokyo on the last night of their Japanese tour." -MAD AT THE WORLD

FATUM - Skverna 12" $10.00
Heavy and ugly stenchcore from the loins of mother Russia. This Moscow group's guitar tone is ugly and the vocalist sounds like he is gargling glass. For fans of classic crust like Deviated Instinct and Axegrinder. Includes a BATHORY and HELLHAMMER cover.

FESTA DESPERATO - Nový Babylon 7" $4.00
Harsh 8 song EP from the Czech Republic's FESTA DESPERATO. The EP title translates to 'New Babylon.' This band mixes hyper fast and hectic Swedish käng drumming with dark and heavy guitar tones. It would be very easy for a band like this to just fall into the pile of yet another Eurocrust group, but I find FESTA DESPERATO easily rises above the blob mass of uninspired boringness. The lyrical content is pointed and interesting, songs are short and savage. It's nice to hear a band like this that doesn't put me to sleep, this is a keeper for me.

restock: Vaccuum 2nd EP