Saturday, October 8, 2011

ネメシス (NEMESIS) - 慟哭 (Dou-Koku) 7" :: DISTRIBUTION

photo of Nemesis in Fukuoka by Chiyori
Photo taken by Chiyori in Fukuoka, 09/20/11

I have been getting some good feedback on the Nemesis 7". It's bitter sweet for me as I wind down to my final copies of this EP. The good news is that this record is starting to show up in distros around the United States and will hopefully reach a wider audience.

Here are the distros that already have this record in stock or will be receiving it soon:

Feral Ward
Vinyl Junkie
Velted Regnub
Video Disease
Karmic Swamp
Sorry State
Social Napalm
Man of 1000 Masks
Burai Core
Vinyl Rites
Soap And Spikes

Total End

And of course for Europe, please contact Ratbone
and for Japan- Flower Of Carnage.

Here is a cool report by Momo/Flower Of Carnage with photos of a show Nemesis played with Krömosom, Isterismo, End Of Pollution and 惡AI意.
As Happy As Possible

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