Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MUNDO MUERTO - Entre El Kaos 12"

MUNDO MUERTO - Entre El Kaos 12" $10.00
"The debut lp by California's mighty MUNDO MUERTO! Retaining the melody of the earlier 7" and 12" eps but with a harder, faster edge this lp is by far MM's best material to date. 11 tracks of pure hardcore punk greatness. From the build up on the first track to the last note this smokes all the way through!!!! The Spanish vocals only add to the amazingness of this lp and all the "whoa" parts will have you singing along even if you dont speak the language. 500 copies-random colored inserts." - Konton Crasher


Ripping raw 80s scandi style new EP from this Boston band. 5 songs. After a couple tape releases and a limited lathe it feels like they are really coming into their own. I hear a Victims Of A Bombraid era Anti-Cimex vibe on this one.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Panikos LP
PANIKOS - Awakening From Lethargy 12" $10.00
Brand new LP from Greek crust legends, Panikos. First new album in 11 years! It is so cool that Dan/SPHC was able to do a US pressing of this record.

"Panikos was one of the classic crust bands from the 90's that made "Greek crust" something notable to collectors. Their previous records are to be filed with Chaotic End, Forgotten Prophecy, Naytia, Anasa Staxti, Negative Stance, etc etc. The Greeks took the classic English and American crust sounds and transformed them into their own unique ideas and expressions.

So imagine my delight to be able to release the first new Panikos recordings in over 10 years. And it was worth the wait, they're better than ever. This record uses Amebix and Neurosis as a starting point and then takes those ideas in a distinctly more rocking direction. Clean and heavy sound that feels natural and organic rather than overproduced and sterile." -SPHC

Nekromantiker - Chaos Destroy split EP
"For all the real noise heroes, a pairing of two of the world's shining stars of noise, bound by a love of raw fidelity and eccentric taste. This record sees Chaos Destroy in a transition period between the State Children-worshiping shit noise punk of their early material and their current proclivity towards psych noise pop, to be seen on their upcoming LP. Bouncing pop bass lines fit into drill beats and distortion. Nekromantiker obviously studied their Confuse records well, but applied a Tokyo Sound System/New Smell sense of production, ie. piss raw, see bank officer for fidelity. Beautiful, just beautiful. As with all Chaos Destroy records, this is limited to 300." -SPHC

Skizophrenia EP
Brand new 4 song EP from Japan's Skizophrenia. Raw and intense hardcore with a bit of some UK82 melody. This is the Japanese pressing, there will be a Euro press by Kick Rock. Track down their previous EP - Raw Punk E.A.T.E.R. as well. It might be a little harder to find at this point, it came out a few years ago. Great band!!

Truncheons - Demo CS
TRUNCHEONS - Demo CS $3.00
New Montreal demo tape from members of After The Bombs. This is more on the raw side of things, but with Janick's awesome vocals. Good sound quality on black printed tapes.

Vaccuum EP
VACCUUM - 2nd 7" $5.50
Brand new EP from San Francisco's premier piss raw hardcore punk group. This one is a little less piss raw than the first EP (note that I said "a little"). It's more crusty and does that grab you? I think I like how it grabs me. Black vinyl.

Vaccuum - SpaceFi CS
VACCUUM - SpaceFi CS $3.50
Spaced out noise release from San Francisco's Vaccuum. Transmissions from light years away.

"Second cassette release, with two songs from each of the two VACCUUM vinyl releases, but presented in entirely different "space fi" sound. 4 tracks, pro-dubbed/printed cassettes with printed covers." -Terminal Escape

No Static - We All Die CS
NO STATIC - We All Die In The End CS $3.50
"Cassette version of the Prank Records 12" from 2010 with the A side from the Iron Lung Records 45 (so, a discography of sorts). 8 tracks, pro-dubbed/printed cassettes with printed covers." -Terminal Escape

Opt Out CS
OPT OUT - Demo CS $3.50
"This is the third run of our now not so new demo, but they have just been for sale at shows until now. Marginally active frustrated hardcore music from San Francisco with current/ex members of CONDENADA, ARTIMUS PYLE, BRILLIANT COLORS, DECONDITIONED and others. 8 tracks, pro-dubbed/printed cassettes with printed covers." -Terminal Escape

Also added: Nukkehammer - End It All Now Demos 12" (restock), Preying Hands - Through The Dark 12" (restock)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


MÜLLTÜTE 7" $5.00
Debut 7" from this Deutch hardcore punk duo. 6 songs of great sounding, straightforward ugly hardcore from Berlin in the 80s tradition. This is one of the best HC eps that I have heard out of Germany in a long time. This really took me by surprise. No clean and weak sounding punk found here. Please bring more!
LISTEN here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

WARNING//WARNING - My world 7", No Response - 1983 demo LP

WARNING//WARNING - My World 7" $4.00
Available again, some time after the initial pressing sold out rather quickly. Repressed in time for their Eastern U.S. Tour this coming November. 6 songs of ear piercing, yet catchy noise hardcore punk with a message from France. New LP coming soon.

I also have copies of this to wholesale, get in touch if interested.

NO RESPONSE - More Noise Pollution From Green Bay 12" $11.00
This is a nicely done LP release of this early 80s demo. Crazy, screamed vocals.

"At long last, I'm thrilled to present to you the vinyl reissue of legendary Green Bay WI Hardcore Punks NO RESPONSE's 1983 demo tape. 16 tracks of blown out raging HC that only Wisconsin fuck ups could produce. For fans of Die Kreuzen, S.U.M., Void and other "weird" shit. Remastered from the original tapes and pressed to heavy virgin vinyl. First pressing limited to 500 copies. Insane liner notes provided by Rev Norb." -HMACYT?

Other stuff added to the distro: FLIES demo CS, CEMETARY demo CS.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ネメシス (NEMESIS) - 慟哭 (Dou-Koku) 7" :: DISTRIBUTION

photo of Nemesis in Fukuoka by Chiyori
Photo taken by Chiyori in Fukuoka, 09/20/11

I have been getting some good feedback on the Nemesis 7". It's bitter sweet for me as I wind down to my final copies of this EP. The good news is that this record is starting to show up in distros around the United States and will hopefully reach a wider audience.

Here are the distros that already have this record in stock or will be receiving it soon:

Feral Ward
Vinyl Junkie
Velted Regnub
Video Disease
Karmic Swamp
Sorry State
Social Napalm
Man of 1000 Masks
Burai Core
Vinyl Rites
Soap And Spikes

Total End

And of course for Europe, please contact Ratbone
and for Japan- Flower Of Carnage.

Here is a cool report by Momo/Flower Of Carnage with photos of a show Nemesis played with Krömosom, Isterismo, End Of Pollution and 惡AI意.
As Happy As Possible

Monday, October 3, 2011


Friendly Noise and Violence Vol. 64
Friday, November 11

Religious War (OR)
Warning/Warning (France)
Face the Rail (CA)
Nukkehammer (OH)
Lotus Fucker (DC)
Sacrifidelis (DC)

at Bell Foundry in Baltimore, 8 PM, $9

Sunday, October 2, 2011

FINAL BOMBS LP, BASTARD 7" official reissue, new Video Disease releases

FINAL BOMBS - There Is No Turning Back 12" LP $17.50 **SOLD OUT**
One of my favorite releases of the year so far, Tardis from the U.K. graces us with the vinyl version of the 2nd Final Bombs album. Long running Japanese HC punk band with their own take on Warning/Price Of Silence era Discharge. Fantastic Grave New World style artwork in a slick gatefold sleeve. Limited to 500, admittedly not for everyone, sick fucks only!

BASTARD - Controled In The Frame 7" EP $6.00
After being bootlegged, finally we get a nicely done official reissue from 540 Records. Nice, thick vinyl, beautiful silver ink on black cardstock. Bastard's previous EP doesn't seem to get talked about as much as their Wind Of Pain LP, but trust me, if you haven't heard it, it is every bit as raging. Classic Japanese hardcore! Features members that later went on to play in Judgement. Black vinyl.

CERVIX - Life Fucker 7" EP $5.00
Debut 7" from Cervix from NYC. Raw and intense metallic crusty hardcore, great stuff. Pressing of 500.

Lo-fi black metal punk from Georgia, has a bit of a Craft vibe. Orange vinyl, covers silk screened by Southpaw Prints. Pressing of 250.

性交 7" EP $5.00
"Early Japanese hardcore/punk worship from Florida, similar to ADK-era Gauze or Typhus. Limited to 250 copies." -Video Disease