Monday, August 29, 2011


NUKKEHAMMER - Soviet Rust Belt 7" (Solar Funeral/SPHC/Hesitation Wound/USA) $4.50

2nd pressing of 500 is here. Same as the 1st pressing, but all black vinyl.

KRÖMOSOM / ISTERISMO - Hardcore Pollution split 7" (Hardcore Survives/Japan) $9.00 **SOLD OUT

Killer new release from Japan's Hardcore Survives. Split 7" for the Krömosom Japanese tour with Isterismo. Comes with a tour poster. Japanese import.

AMENAÇA - Demo 2009 12" (Discos Enfermos/Spain) $10.50

Kudos to Erik/Social Napalm for bringing this ripper to the U.S.-

"There has been a long line of great raw, lo-fi DIY punk and hardcore bands coming out of Spain in recent years including the likes of Otan, Firmeza 10, Crimen de Estado, Invasión, and a slew of others, and i hope people will feel that Amenaça continue that tradition of quality. Although not a "ramshackle d-beat band with no bass" band, Amenaça still takes 1980s punk influences (BAP, L'Odi Social, and Subterranean Kids) and combines them with a grainy, raw recording to create an adrenalin charged HC sound. This 12" is actually the band's demo pressed to vinyl, but i don't think that fact hinders the quality at all. This is a three label split release being coordinated by Inti of the excellent Discos Enfermos label ( in Spain who is handling the European distribution with additional participation from Record Shop Base in Japan and Social Napalm in the US.

To preview a few of the tracks, please go to " -Social Napalm


Debut 12" from Portland's Organized Sports. I haven't listened yet, but my magic 8 ball says this one will rage.

EXACERBACIÓN / PENIS GEYSER split CS (Smash Music//USA) $3.00

Brand new split tape with Costa Rican grinders Exacerbación and the noisecore assault of Penis Geyser.

YEUNG - You Will Live To Be Broken CS (Earth Noise Eternal//USA) $3.00

Brutal new output from the mastermind behind TSO/Sacred Tapes/Earth Noise. Live tracks featuring a Merkit cover, some new songs, some previously released.

BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA 7" (To Live A Lie//USA) $3.50

Two songs of monstrous grind and sludge from the bowels of Chico, California.

THE IMPALERS 7" (Todo Destruido//USA) $4.50 **SOLD OUT

This was one of my favorite bands that I saw at Chaos In Tejas 2011. This Austin, TX band plays a wonderful mixture of Motorhead and Discharge...add some burly death-metal-ish vocals and there you have it. Awesome release, it is s shame if they call it quits.

GAS CHAMBER 12" (Warm Bath Label//USA) $8.00

"GAS CHAMBER contains the remastered recording from the previously available cassette and cd-r formats. These pieces consider the dichotomy between the animal nature of life and the relationship of humans to machines, as sapien minds steeped in violence give way to a droning, pacific, world technocracy/culture. Brutal hardcore with poisonous vocals shouldered by the dynamic noise of silver box and coffee can hum. Layers of guitars bleed over everything powered by a chorus of scorching distortion, partnered with fluttering bass-lines like birds in flight, and time as offered for repose." -Warm Bath

GAS CHAMBER - Corpse With Levity 7" (Warm Bath Label//USA) $3.50

"Six new songs; the product of two years of consideration and fermentation of ideas. A collaborative effort with the American folk artist Colossus of Roads, in which he created artwork demonstrating the subject of the music. Topics explored begin to create an arc as gnosticism, the pigeon as witness to human folly and social disease are dwelled on from the perspective of kairos. The vocals swell like a jug of rotten fluids prepared to spray indiscriminately, over drums that have become sick and mangled from the fall of hammers, while the bass and guitar have discovered each other as mitigating amongst a parade of obscene daily circumstances." -Warm Bath

DEATH TRAP - No Hicks 7" (Warm Bath Label//USA) $3.50

"Recorded in the early 80’s, and now being pressed for the first time ever, total KBD jams that will stick with you forever. Amazing material that has been languishing for far too long. Liner notes include a detailed history of the band as well as fliers." -Warm Bath

NUCLEAR CULT - Better Nightmares 7" (Warm Bath Label//USA) $3.50 **SOLD OUT

"Nuclear Cult from Germany, with former members of now legendary bands including Y, PINK FLAMINGOS and SOLID DECLINE, have released their first EP. Impressive work that will give pause to anyone listening. A sophisticated recording of 14 songs that stands out like a lighthouse amongst modern hardcore bands." -Warm Bath

HERDS - Michigan 7" (Residue//USA) $3.50

Members from all over play heavy hardcore with a Midwestern Vibe, this is their most recent EP.

"Hauntingly dark lyrics about the decay and destruction of four cities in the state of Michigan that ends up feeling like a metaphor for the death of American prosperity. HERDS have really hit their mark on this recording…a perfect follow-up to their amazing LP out last year on Fashionable Idiots Records. Songs like “Iron Mountain” and “Bay City” will be slapping your brain and stay stuck in your skull for days." -Residue

Sunday, August 28, 2011