Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AMEBIX - Knights Of The Black Sun 12" & Redux 12", ICON GALLERY LP

AMEBIX - Knights Of The Black Sun 12" single (Profane Existence//USA) $10.00

For the first time in years, Amebix comes out with a brand new song, prepping us for a new album to come out in September - the Sonic Mass LP. This song has caused a little stir for old fans...90s alt crust? Or maybe you feel a little Hammerheart coming our way from the UK gods of crust? Love it or hate it, these guys are set on moving forward, so don't expect a rehash of the days of yore. This record is a one song, one-sided 12" with an etching on the other side. It also comes with a digital download of the song and an HD video. Pressing of 2000.

AMEBIX - Redux 12" E.P. (Profane Existence//USA) $10.00

3 song 12" E.P. of redone classics by current Amebix line up: Arise, Winter, Chain Reaction. Comes with an embroidered patch and download.

ICON GALLERY 12" L.P. (Dear Skull//USA) $10.00

After an awesome demo and 7", this is the new album from this tunefully dark Pittsburgh punk group. This comes in a nice, full color, gatefold cover. Well thought out songs, great guitar playing and catchy vocals with a strong voice...for fans of Signal Lost or Arctic Flowers- but don't expect them to just sound like those bands, they have their own thing going. I can't wait to hear more.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011


ISTERISMO - Discography 12" (540//USA) $11.00 **SOLD OUT**

Discography LP pressed for the Chaos In Tejas Festival in Austin, TX 2011. Tokyo noise crusters playing in the style of classic Italian HC. This collects their hard to find material from various compilations, live tracks, demo tracks and their amazing 7" on Overthrow Records.

SLOWMOTIONS - Operation Anagram 7" (540//USA - H:G FACT//JAPAN) $4.50 **SOLD OUT**

Amazing new EP from this Japanese punk band. 2 catchy as hell, infectious tunes (grooves), I love it!

SCORNED - Consumption You Feel 7" (DISTORT REALITY//USA) $4.00

Brand new 7" from this brutal Minneapolis crust-core group that plays in the 90s Swedish style, comes with the required Marald artwork.


5 song hardpunk demo tape from this newish Columbus group. Members of several hardworking local mainstays - Absolute Magnitude, Forget It, Reflect and Andrew from Vile Gash trying his hand on the guitar. Dark tunes with what sounds like Lou Ferrigno on vocals. Side B has a live set.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Avfall - Now! 7", Heal CD, Gasmask Terror - Complete Recordings 2004-2010 CD, Origin Of M 12" and more

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Avfall - Now! 7" (Hardcore Survives//Japan) $8.50

Killer new 7" from Hardcore Survives. Avfall from Tokyo play some great Swedish style hardcore punk, taking queues from the likes of Disarm, Mob 47 with their own twist. It is refreshing to just hear a young Japanese band playing stripped down hardcore without all the effects covering anything up. No hiding, these alcohol filled maniacs rip through 6 songs and never let up. This is their 2nd vinyl appearance following up their hard to find split 7" with Haava and comp tracks on a Terro-Rhythm CD. Hardcore or DIE!

I can do some wholesale on this one, get in touch.

Origin Of M 12" (Burai Core//USA) $8.50

GREAT LP from these veterans of Japanese hardcore. I was really impressed with their live performance at the Chaos In Tejas festival. Awesome Japanese hardcore with metallic riffing sprinkled throughout. This calls to mind greats like the Human Arts album. Ex-Goudon, don't sleep on this.

Gasmask Terror: Complete Recordings 2004 - 2010 CD (Flower Of Carnage//Japan +2) $6.00

Pressed for their Japanese tour, this is a great collection of their material up through the 2nd LP. Includes the demo, 2 EPs and 2 LPs. Note that this does not include the most recent Like Daggers 7". Fold out insert includes lyrics and artwork. A great price for all these releases rolled into one.

V/A Heal CD - Japanese earthquake victims benefit CD $13.00 **SOLD OUT**

It happened hugest earthquake M9.0 in Tohoku region Japan,11th/March. after that Sinsuke/Death Dust Extractor decided to release benefit comp CD for victims. Many bands approved that plan and recorded new song, re-recorded or live recording for this CD. released on VOX POPULI.

27 bands! Comes with a booklet and 1" button.


V/A Brutal Supremacy 2x7" (Painkiller//USA) $10.00
"PKR curates our first compilation release, BRUTAL SUPREMACY, a double 7" bringing together four of the best active grinding-HC bands. Iron Lung interpret Brutal Supremacy in the form of a 3-part epic recorded at the Paincave in 2009. Mind Eraser deliver 4 songs that push the style of their last 7" even further. Hatred Surge bring 3 tracks that showcase the latest mutation of the band with Alex now sharing vocal duties with Rahi of Insect Warfare. Scapegoat offer 7 over-before-they-start songs recorded between their debut 7" and their new lp. All songs are previously unreleased. Packaged in a 6 panel fold out poster." -PKR

Nightbringer - 31st And Michigan 7" (Deer Healer//USA) $4.00

Brand new 7" of more great Japanese influenced hardcore from Michigan.

Kirai 7" (Konton Crasher//USA) $4.00

"Total Gloom/Confuse worship with a Scandi twist!" -Konton Crasher

Obliteration - This Is Tomorrow 7" (NITA//USA - Disposable Labels//USA) $4.50

"New five song platter picking up where the first ep left off, keeping things on track with the early US meets early Scandi HC sound, but adding a dash of Motorhead for good measure." -PKR

Perdition / Nerveskade split 7" (Distort Reality//USA) $4.00

Raw punk split from two of the hottest young bands in the genre. They both come from slightly different angles, essential release for fans of raw hardcore.

Nukkehammer - End It All Now Demos 12" (Hardware//Germany) $14.00 **SOLD OUT**

Both 4 track demo tapes given vinyl treatment from Hardware Records. Housed in a thick cardboard, silk screened jacket. For people that like their raw punk to still sound hardcore.

Shaved Women - Live At Apop CS (Sacred//USA) $3.00

Killer new cassette from the great Sacred Tapes. A fist of hardcore coming straight at your face.

Stockpile 7" (Destroy Me//USA) $4.00

Their demo got people pumped up for what was to come from this Philadelphia D-beat punk group. This is the debut vinyl appearance. Unique sounding record, the drumming is hyper fast, it sounds like the drums are being drown down a flight of stairs. The dark tone and political lyrics give this a US 90s crusty vibe. Ex-members of Stations, .Nema and a Columbus transplant.