Saturday, June 25, 2011

upcoming: ネメシス (NEMESIS) 7"

I am happy to announce that Solar Funeral will be releasing a 7" by NEMESIS from Fukoka, Japan. It will be a split release with Flower Of Carnage and Ratbone.

On the first night of the Gasmask Terrör Japanese tour, they had a show in Fukuoka with the great AI, End Of Pollution and a young band from the area called Nemesis. We had heard good things about this band, but I wasn't sure what to expect. It was like a nuclear bomb detonated, we were all blown away by their power and savage stage performance, they stole the show as far as I was concerned. Even by the end of the tour, Nemesis remained one of the best bands that I saw, and that is no small feat considering all the greats that we encountered.

Don't be fooled by me saying that this is a young band, these aren't no noisenheimers...this is classic Japanese HC, with a strong 90s/late 80s JPHC vibe, influenced by the greats: Nightmare, Tetsu Arrey, Warhead, etc!

This will be their vinyl debut since the only other thing released by them so far are their tracks on the Twisted Generation Attack CD compilation released by Spread Imagination Records. Look out for this ripper to be ready by mid to late September.


  1. do you know which one of the terro-rhythm comps feats their songs?

  2. Just checked...sorry, I messed that up...they have three tracks on V/A Twisted Generation Attack CD. Beware, all the bands on the comp recorded and mixed at the same place, so their sound isn't quite their own on it.

  3. found the songs here
    great band. looking forward to the 7"

  4. Hmm, those aren't the tracks on the comp...not sure what those are, demo tracks I guess.

  5. Yeah, those myspace songs are probably from an older demo... nothing too great. The upcoming EP is nothing like that but much, MUCH better. Seriously psyched about this release!

  6. video is S I C K. can't wait for this and SILO demo.