Friday, April 22, 2011

Behind the eight ball

Some updates on shit that I have been involved with.

Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt 7" E.P.

Mastering is done after a 2nd mixing job, the band is finally happy with it, so this is being sent to press so we can have them available for the Chaos In Tejas festival and west coast tour. 7 song, hell-puking studio recording from CDR in Columbus, this will have 5 songs, properly presented from the demo and 2 new ones. It is looking like this will be a split release between Solar Funeral, SPHC and Hesitation Wounds. Mastered by Audio Siege.

Gasmask Terrör - Like Daggers 7" E.P.

I will have a nice batch of these to distribute for North America after the Gasmask Terrör Japanese tour. I had a hand in helping get the vinyl pressed and I have to say that this is their best 7" yet, they just keep getting better with each release. Catchy riffs and vocals take you through these 4 songs and it ends before you know it, with you wanting more. I hear a little more rock and roll coming through on this one, I love it. Pressing of 500, released by Flower Of Carnage.

Silo - Ask The Question CS

This is a newer band with members of Fuckedforlife, Nukkehammer and Black Dove playing short songs of rough and loud d-beating hardcore punk. Silo recorded 9 songs of 4 track hell, some finishing touches and mixing is still needed on this, it is going to have to be on hold until we get a chance to revisit it. If this ends up sounding good enough, some tracks will appear on a cassette (released by Solar Funeral and Sacred Tapes) and the rest will go to 7" format.

Paralyzer 12" L.P.

After I return from Japan, this will be sent off to Mastering at Mammoth Sound. The band broke up, but not without leaving behind their legacy. This 12" is going to have the Counting Catastrophe recording on one side (for those of you that have heard their self released CD) and their final recording on the other. This is going to be a small press run; sadly, they rarely made appearances out of their hometown, but don't let that bias you. This band played short blasts of ferocious stop/start heavy hardcore drawing from various and asundry influences, but they were able to meld them in a way that gave them their unique sound. There is really no easy way to describe their sound, but try to imagine an early 2000s metallic hardcore band that takes influence from bands like Terror and No Comment (for the chord progressions and erratic song structure, not the blast beats). Members of Still Crossed, The Dead Hate The Living and Black Dove. Recorded by Chris Owens.

Betong Hysteria: Vi Vil Ikke Ha 7" E.P.

This is the U.S. pressing for an E.P. of previously unreleased demo tracks from under the radar (in these parts) Norwegian HC punk group. Betong Hysteria is mostly known for their great Spontan Abort 7", released in 1983. I can't express how excited I am to be a part of this great band's legacy. the U.S. version's packaging is going through a facelift, and I imagine this will get in full swing this summer. Split release with Video Disease.

Midnight 12" L.P.

Mastering is done, currently working on artwork. For those that don't know, this is the Midnight from Portland, Oregon, a defunct early 2000s HC punk band that took influence from Japanese bands like Crude and Judgement. Their demo was one of my favorites from that time period. One side is going to have the great cassette only demo and the other side will have the 2nd recording that was never released. This is going to be a pressing of 600, housed in a Stoughton tip-on sleeve. Midnight comes from a pedigree of great bands- Lebenden Toten, Lebanon, Limp Wrist, Needles, From Ashes Rise, etc. Mastered by Audio Siege.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/16 @Carabar Columbus: Nude Beach, Marvin Berry & The New Sound, Highschool, Delay, Nukkehammer

Nukkehammer is going to be getting together to record on 4/16 and our pals in Delay were nice enough to let us hop on their show. Come out and rage.

Sat. April 16th. 9pm, Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave. Columbus - FREE SHOW

NUDE BEACH (snotty NY punk)

MARVIN BERRY & THE NEW SOUND (r 'n' r punk from bushwick)

HIGHSCHOOL (lose your saves the day record? no problem!)

DELAY (punk for weak stomachs)

NUKKEHAMMER (raging crusty hc punk)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just added this tasty little morsel to the distro...

YADOKAI s/t 7" $5.00

More distorted and fucked up hardcore for you. From the bay area, going for a blown out Japanese meets Italian sound. For lovers of raw hardcore.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Distro Update

Ok, I have been putting this update off for a while, but here it is. Lots of great stuff.

Brand new EPs from Denmark's ASSASSINATORS and Wisconsin's GET RAD on Halo Of Flies Records. The bizarre SPLATTERED SPLITTER: Demo 1988 7" for noisecore fans. A great compilation of comp, demo, and 7" tracks from classic Italian HC group PUTRID FEVER (ripping Italian HC but with more melody), reissue of the obscure NONCENS 7" from Sweden, of course, speaking of Sweden, there is also the MOB 47 EP reissue. In my opinion, no HC record collection is complete without this monstrosity.

There are a couple great additions from Finland - the Riistetyt (reissue) and Sotatila (2nd 7") EPs. I also grabbed a couple of the new CIDER 7", to show my love for the disgusting state of Ohio. Two great releases from the almighty Sacred Tapes label- beautifully done cassette version of GASMASK TERRÖR's most recent album and the BLACKEST WOODS CS. I also got a restock of the awesome HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK demo cassette. All great stuff, in my book, here is the full list of new stuff:

GASMASK TERRÖR: Black Sun/Fake Gold CS



SOTATILA: Vituiks Meni 7"
$3.00 HAVOC//USA

MOB 47: Kärnvapen Attack 7"
$3.00 HAVOC//USA

CIDER: Third Reichord 7"
$4.50 SPHC//USA

AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ: Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud På Film 7"
$3.00 HAVOC//USA

THE ASSASSINATORS: I Disse Mørke Tider... 7"

GET RAD: Choose Your Own Adventure 7"

RIISTETYT: Tuormiopäivä 7"
$3.00 HAVOC//USA


NONCENS: 6-Låtars EP 7"


PUTRID FEVER: Do You Remember? 12"

STALAG 13: In Control 12"

ACURSED: Livet Är Den Längsta Vägen Till Helvetet 12" (restock)