Monday, January 3, 2011

Fatum CS, new Slang LP, Hellkontroll 10"

Fatum CS
FATUM: Skverna CS $4.00


Nasty stenchcore crust from Russia, 7 song tape with a foldout lyric poster layout, includes a Hellhammer and Bathory cover. You don't get to hear many quality bands like this these days, this tape was a treat when it showed up in the mail. Lo-fi recording, unlike the more produced sounding stuff of today, so this is reminiscent of 80s the bands like Hellbastard, Sacrilege, etc. Fucking cool.

Slang- Life Made Me Hardcore LP
SLANG: Life Made Me Hardcore 12" LP $16.00


Brand new LP from Japan's Slang. This was highly anticipated after they blew everyone away on their 2010 tour of the USA. Brutally thick Stoughton gatefold, on red vinyl and comes with a poster/lyric insert. Be prepared for some thick, heavy Japanese hardcore. I am expecting this to be a top 10 LP for 2010 for me.

Hellkontrol - Wanker War 10 inch
HELLKONTROLL: Wanker War 10" EP $10.00


Intense, raw crustcore from Florida. Comes in a really nice looking silver and black silk screened cover. I love the minimal artwork.

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