Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gasmask Terrör: Black Sun/Fake Gold 12" LP now available for North America!

AVAILABLE NOW! 2nd 12" and the perfect follow up to their 'Architects Of Death' 7". Crashing cymbals, distortion and ugly honesty assault your ears, as I believe hardcore punk is meant to be heard. In a sea of lazy music, this great band is a beacon in the night. This is the 4th record from this French group, don't look here if you're searching for a mellow time. 11 tracks, pressing of 700, split release with I Feel Good from France.

Following a bit of a delay, these are finally available for North America. After setting up a 2 week Eastern U.S. tour (+ one Canada date) for them in 2008 and now releasing their 2nd 12" LP, I hope to clue in the North American masses to the greatness of this band. There are thousands of generic, boring bands playing hardcore, d-beat, crust, what-have-you, but I believe that this band from Bordeaux, France is the real artifact and I am honored to take part in their new LP. I can only hope that others out there will share my love of this band!

$10.00 plus shipping for those living in the USA, $15.75 ppd. (includes postage) for Canada/Mexico. Order at:

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