Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D.S.B./Assassinators split 7", Lobotomia- Extinção 12", In Disgust/Massgrave split 7", Brainkiller 7", etc.

DSB/Assassinators split E.P.

D.S.B. / Assassinators split 7" $4.00

Recently released split by these two great bands. Add another solid record to both of these bands' rosters. D.S.B from Japan offer two songs and The Assassinators from Denmark do the same.

Lobotomia LP

Lobotomia - Extinção 12" $10.00

NEW LP from this long running Brazilian thrash group. This new record stays pretty true to the songwriting on their older material but with modern production.

Brainkiller E.P.

Brainkiller - Demo 7" $4.00

6 demo great tracks from 2008 put to vinyl.

In Disgust/Massgrave split E.P.

In Disgust / Massgrave split 7" $4.00

Split ep of blast beat mania ready to shred your ears.

Also added: Infame - II 12", Defect Defect 12"

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