Thursday, November 18, 2010

HJERTESTOP - Musik For Dekadente Ører 7"

HJERTESTOP - Musik For Dekadente Ører 7" $4.00

Brand new 7" for this great Danish band's 2nd U.S. tour. This is their third record, following an amazing 7" originally put out by Kick-N-Punch (but available in the U.S. from Fashionable Idiots) and a 12" released by No Way and Hjernespind. This is the silk screened tour version of this new record. I only have a few. Great, catchy Copenhagen punk.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010




Awesome split tour records released by the Czech Republic's Insane Society Recs. Made for See You In Hell's Japanese tour and Systematic Death's European tour.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

CAPTIVES - Unspeakable Truths demo CS

CAPTIVES - Unspeakable Truths demo CS $3.00

New hardcore punk band from Cincinnati who has been practicing and going through line up changes for the past year+. Finally started playing shows and got this 9 song demo tape together. This comes with a lyric insert on a home dubbed pure black cassette. Lyrical content ranges from topics such as cosmic wrath to the sadness in the streets of Cincinnati. From the members of Paralyzer, Fuckedforlife, Black Dove, Tumor Feast, Still Crossed, etc. You can't neatly pigeon-hole this band, but to me, it is reminiscent of a more raw Holy Mountain. Ohio hardcore punk lives!

Captives website:

Monday, November 8, 2010

new Vaaska 12", State Poison 12", Anxiety 12" EP, Nuklear Blast Suntan 12", new tapes, etc

Vaaska 2nd lp

VAASKA - Ruido Hasta La Meurte 12" $10.00 **SOLD OUT

Fantastic new 12" from this Texas group. They were one of the best bands that I saw at Chaos In Tejas 2011. I have been waiting for this one! One of my favorite records this year. Raw hardcore punk.
540 Records//USA

State Poison LP

STATE POISON 12" $12.00

Savage debut LP by State Poison from France. Great follow up to their killer 7". Nasty hardcore with delayed out vocals to make you feel like you are hiding in an underground bunker.
Flower Of Carnage//Japan - Kick Rock//France

Nuklear Blast Suntan LP

NUKLEAR BLAST SUNTAN - Blot Out The Useless Sun 12" $8.00

"A difficult record to describe, which is why I like it so much. Alternating between short/fast/loud ragers and mid-tempo punk stompers, this has its roots in Disrupt/Destroy-styled crustcore (complete with absolutely scathing female vocals), but is certainly more dynamic and ambitious than any other band of that ilk. Heavy on the noise, but not in a raw recording or hyper-distorted treble way, instead with heavily affected psyched out guitars and lots of alien bleeps-and-bloops feedback. Real interesting arrangements and pacing leads to an engaging listen from start to finish, never falling into the monotony of brutality that a lot of bands of this ilk do."
I liken this band to Disrupt meets Hawkwind. Wait...what?

Anxiety - Pathetic

ANXIETY - Pathetic 12" EP $8.00

"Nine songs here that, to me, it sounds like late '80s British HC. I'd say Electro Hippies, Atavistic, that Terrorain demo 7" a bit or Death Sentence from Australia. It's got a lot of echo on the vocals and really negative and pessimistic lyrics with an appropriately raw recording. I hope people will be willing to take a chance on this. If you're into late '80s UKHC, check this out."

Social Napalm tape reissues

I got a very small batch of these. Gasmask Terrör / Bloodkrow Butcher split tape and a really fucking cool batch of official/authorized tape reissues, check these out!

V/A Thrash From Spain CS $3.00

"A Spanish hardcore punk compilation featuring multiple tracks by some of the best bands that Spain had to offer in the '80s including BAP, Eskupitajo, GRB, Gurilla Urbana, IV Reich, L'Odi Social, Radikal HC, RIP, and Subterranean Kids. Originally compiled and released on Ripping Thrash in the late '80s, this has been re-issued in it's original format with full permission from Ripping Thrash."
-Social Napalm
Social Napalm//USA

V/A Ripping Thrash "The Tape" CS $3.00

"Originally compiled and released by Ripping Thrash from the UK in 1988, this tape contains some absolutely legendary bands as well as some long forgotten gems including Heavy Discipline (UK), Halle 54 (Germany), L'Odi Social (Spain), Feed Your Head (UK), 2227 (Yugoslavia), GRB (Spain), KGB (Germany), III Kategorija (Yugoslavia), IV Reich (Spain), G.U.Z (Yugoslavia), Pax Vobiscum (UK), Pariapunk (France), Infezione (Italy), Crist (Yugoslavia), Subterranean Kids (Spain), Yugoslav Sun (Yugoslavia), No Fraud (USA), Wretched (Italy), KZV (Yugoslavia), BAP (Spain), Radikal HC (Spain), Extrem (Austria), Quod Massacre (Yugoslavia), RIP (Spain), Death Warmed Up (UK), Debauchery (UK), Genossen (Germany), Transgressor (USA), Blind Ambition (USA), and Inhuman Conditions (Germany). This release is an official re-issue in it's original format with full permission from Ripping Thrash."
-Social Napalm
Social Napalm//USA

V/A Lorteland CS $3.00

"Lorteland was originally released on the Boston Tea Party label from Denmark in 1983 in an edition of 150 copies. The compilation features 66 songs by 15 bands including TZP, War Of Destruction, Crap, Klar Pest, Disaster, Camouflage, Freshly Riots, Spild Af Tid, Enola Gay, and Diarré from Denmark; Terveet Kädet and A.D.L. from Finland; and Impact, Indigesti, and 5° Braccio from Italy. The tape contains the original insert which has a small section designed by each band with lyrics and other info. This is the third and final installment in a series of tape compilation reissues on Social Napalm."
-Social Napalm
Social Napalm//USA

MOB 47 - Garanterat Mob 47 / A Tribute To Mob 47 + Bonus Tracks CS $3.00

"Very cool tape originally released in August of 2001 on A.L.P. Tapes out of Sweden which was run by Krogh from Blindead Productions/Dömd fanzine. The B side of the tape features tracks from two different Mob 47 rehearsal/demo recording sessions. The first song was recorded in February of 1985, while tracks 2-19 were recorded at the last Mob 47 rehearsal ever in September of 1986 (until they reformed in 2005). The A side of the tape features bands all paying tribute to Mob 47 by covering some of their classic and best songs."
-Social Napalm
ALP Tapes//Sweden


"Split tape between a two hardcore punk bands playing raw and distorted music. Bloodkrow Butcher from Lowell, Massachusetts are heavily influenced by Discharge and 1980s Scandinavian hardcore like Anti-Cimex. I think the thing that what sets BKB apart from many bands doing this style is that they use catchy riffs with hooks to convey an urgency and power in their music instead of just beating the listener over the head with a pounding drum beat. Their side contains a live on the radio set as well as a four song demo. Gasmask Terrör from France has been around for a while with several releases including a 12" EP already out. This tape compiles their out of print "Architects Of Death" 7", an unreleased four track recording, and a live show recording. I think their gem here is the ripping unreleased song that reminds me a lot of No Security and Totalitär."
-Obsolete Formats
Obsolete Formats//USA