Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy Spirit E.P. and Negative Insight zine issue #1

Negative Insight zine #1
Negative Insight zine #1 $6.00 **SOLD OUT

U.K. themed, professionally printed first issue including in depth interviews with VARUKERS, SACRILEGE and DISASTER. Great cut and paste layout with some never before published photos of VARUKERS, SACRILEGE, and CONCRETE SOX. Zine also comes with a cassette of live material from SACRILEGE and DISASTER. It is really refreshing and inspiring to see a fanzine being done this well. Great!


Crazy Spirit E.P.
Crazy Spirit 7" $4.00 **SOLD OUT


Great punk band from NYC that I recently had the pleasure of seeing. I don't even know what to compare this to, although it's clear they are taking some cues from Disorder. These guys are on their own trip and I like what they're doing. This comes in a cool looking silk screened pocket with a silk screened poster lyric sheet. Great stuff.

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