Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Awakening LP and new Sacred Tapes distro update

Just added some Awakening LPs and a new batch of Holy Brethren versions of Sacred Tapes releases. The Awakening LPs came back from Japan with Sash and I was lucky enough to get some of these new tapes as well. The Sacred Tapes come with hand sewn slip cases, I believe there were 40 of each made. Nice stuff.

The Awakening: Eternal Blizzard 12" $8.00
Wholesale available, stores/distros get in touch.

Columbus locals can get the Awakening record from Dreadful Sounds or Lost Weekend.


HALLOWED BUTCHERY: Funeral Rites For The Living CS $3.00

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Expect no mercy. I am already a corpse.

Nukkehammer shirt $10.00 ppd. in the U.S.

(click to enlarge)


(There are plans to make more)

Special thanks to Pat from Shout Out Loud Prints for getting these done on such short notice.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Slang/Mind Eraser split 7" & Sacred Tapes

Slang/Mind Eraser split ep
Slang/Mind Eraser split 7" $4.00

540 Records//USA

I got a few of these in the mail today. Split that came out for Slang from Japan's U.S. tour with Boston's Mind Eraser. I especially like the Sugi artwork on this one because it is basically saying that cats are better than dogs.

I also added these beauties from Sacred Tapes about a week ago.

White Moth // Execution Techniques // White Execution: Unholy CS $3.00


Execution Techniques: Self Mutilation CS $3.00


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Future Of Siberia 2nd run

I am out of the black tapes, thanks to everyone for the orders...hope it was worth the wait. Any over run in orders will get the 2nd run clear tape. Other than that, the second run is all going out to distros, so keep an eye out. The band will also have some tapes with them at their Baltimore and D.C. shows.

NUKKEHAMMER: The Future Of Siberia 2nd run

List of distros to get these soon:
Feral Ward
Sacred Tapes
Man Of 1000 Masks
Damaging Noise
Youth Attack
540 Records