Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nukkehammer: The Future Of Siberia cassette - AVAILABLE NOW

NUKKEHAMMER: The Future Of Siberia $3.00 **sold out**

Second mutilated recording finally being thrown into the light of day. Six more songs delving deeper into the damaged psyche of three cold war casualties. Run of 100 on printed, high-fidelity black cassettes. Released in conjunction with Life-Rot.

Please contact Life-Rot if you are interested in wholesale.

Upcoming Nukkehammer gigs for 2010:
*Fri, 9/10 - Baltimore, The Symposium - with Lotus Fucker, Rag Rage (OH), State Violence, Accent Wall
*Sat, 9/11 - DC, Wasted Dream - with Lotus Fucker, Lion of Judah, The Feed
*11/4-11/6 - Montréal, A Varning From Montréal IV fest - w/Mob 47, Age, Hellshock, Tragedy, Perdition, Complications, Preying Hands, etc.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cesspool Of Desolation

Ok, catching up on some awesome shit that I have collected over the past couple months. My pal Alex released this Portal E.P. and I have a few copies of Counterfeit Garbage zine issue 4, hot off the press. I can't tell you how excited I was to get the Kieltolaki 12". Absolutely raging fucking mad Finnish hardcore punk. Their previous comp tracks and 7"s blew my head off, so this LP is a treat, and it didn't let me down. Also, I have to mention new Systematic Death material....who would have thought that we would get the privilege of hearing a new Systematic Death album in 2010?! Another favorite of mine in this batch is the Varaus 12". Really nice, sturdy, tip-on gatefold cover. Amazing collection of raw hardcore documenting this Finnish band's legacy. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it, in my opinion. Let's not forget the Complications long have we all been waiting for this thing to come out?! All this stuff is great, this is a massively impressive batch of records that Feral Ward recently released.

Complications and Morne LPs

MORNE: Untold Wait 12" $10.00

Kieltolaki and Kylma Sota LPs
KYLMÄ SOTA: 10 Tracks LP $9.00

KIELTOLAKI: Massahypnoosi 12" $9.00

Systematic Death and Kvoteringen LPs
SYSTEMATIC DEATH: Systema 6 12" $9.00

KVOTERINGEN: Samhällets Förrädare 12" $9.00

Vaurus LP
VARAUS: 1/1 12" $15.00

Krig I Hudik EP
KRIG I HUDIK 7" $4.00

Portal EP
PORTAL: Lurker At The Threshold 7" picture disc $8.00

Counterfeit Garbage #4
COUNTERFEIT GARBAGE zine issue #4 $2.00

Friday, August 6, 2010

Miscellaneous droppings

Gasmask Terror shirt design
Ok, I am hoping to give some realistic expectations on what is in store for the label and some of the bands that I am involved in. I've been getting emails on stuff, so hopefully this helps!

Gasmask Terrör's excellent new 12", Black Sun/Fake Gold is almost ready. It is a split release with the French label, I Feel Good. I am really looking forward to this, the tracks are fucking mean, more along the lines of their 'Architects Of Death' E.P.

The Nukkehammer: Future Of Siberia cassette is finally going to see the light of day, it will be a split release between Solar Funeral and Life Rot. After this, look out for some vinyl to litter the planet. Nukkehammer is also planning on doing some shows this year, including the Varning From Montreal festival. I will post these up once they are finalized.

Vile Gash have plans to record for a 12" and 7" single at some point soon. The single will come first. There has also been talk about playing some West coast U.S. shows in 2011.

The Paralzyer 12" has been on hold for a little while now, and instead of being a one sided 12", it will also include a new recording on the other side. The band is broken up, so hopefully they keep with the plan and the recording happens later this year. The band did release the Counting Catastrophe recording in a nice, digipack CD format, so pick that up from me or the band if interested.

The early 2000s Portland band, Midnight, have found the lost 2nd recording, so this means that the 12" will actually happen! For those of you that have the demo recording, you know that this deserves vinyl treatment, I am happy to say that it looks like it will be on its way. The 12" will have their great demo and the 2nd recording. Your guess is as good as mine as to when this will come to fuition, I'm hoping sometime soon. Fingers crossed.

I was orginally planning on doing an E.P. with Columbus's premier noise-core group, Penis Geyser. That has now morphed into a split 7" with Baltimore/D.C.'s Lotus Fucker. Double the pleasure! The plan is to get this monster going later this year. This will be a split release with Dan from LF's label.

Black Dove has yet to complete the recording for 2 upcoming 7"s. The music is done, we just need to get the vocals ripped out of our throats. It's a bit of a departure from the 12", but we're happy with how everything is turning out so far. It's hard to say what is actually different about just is. In other Black Dove news, Carter (drummer) and Dascha have unleashed their mutant spawn unto the blackened Earth (they had a baby). I wish the best of luck to them and their little Henry Gherman Gilles!

Lastly, watch out for a demo tape from Silo to appear soon, I guess this band is like a mid-way point between Black Dove and Nukkehammer with some Bathory riffs?