Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nightmare/Skitkids ep, Nightmare/Crude/Burial lp, Assassinators lp, Counterfeit Garbage #2

Nightmare/Crude/Burial - Axis Of Wolves split LP
V/A Axis Of Wolves: Nightmare/Crude/Burial three way split 12" (one sided) $14.00

Released by: Hate Records//Germany

Crucial 3 way split between these monster bands. Originally released in Japan by H:G Fact as CD only, here we get the much deserved gatefold vinyl treatment. Although $14 is a bit too much for a one sided 12" for most people, die hards need not think twice. Nightmare from Japan are the clear highlights, here for me. 2 crushing jackhammer brutalizations in their typical fashion. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Burial (Germany) songs, this is the best stuff of theirs that I have heard, so far. Crude from Hakodate, Japan also offer up two songs...raw, lo-fi cuts that were later re-issued with a proper recording on 7".

Nightmare/Skitkids split EP
Nightmare/Skitkids split 7" $6.00

Released by: Hate Records//Germany

German repress of another H:G Fact, Japanese release. Nice, thick fold over covers. There are no low points to this record: two of the world's best hardcore punk bands, in my opinion. Skitkids from Sweden play their brand of hardcore that sounds about like AC/DC filtered through Criminal Trap era Anti-Cimex. Nightmare from Japan do what they do best, oppress with a blazing hardcore jackhammer attack. One of my favorite EPs to come out in the past couple years. Don't sleep on it.

The Assassinators LP
The Assassinators: Sigt Efter Hjertet 12" $14.00

Released by: Alerta Antifascista//Germany

Fantastic debut full length from this Danish melodic punk band. When it comes to melodic punk, the Danes have been doing it best, as of late. A little more clean than their demo and 7", but still great, nonetheless. Comes will a thick booklet and enough melody to make the dead dance. Be sure to catch them on their Northeastern U.S./Canadian tour.

Counterfeit Garbage Zine issue #2
Counterfeit Garbage issue #2 $2.00

Issue #2 from these Chicago maniacs. Matt from Duress and Tall Rob, who now lives in Columbus. Obliteration & Vile Gash interviews, record reviews, story of seeing the Inmates, etc. Really well done and fun to read punk zine.

Monday, October 5, 2009


DESTINO FINAL: Atrapados CD $10.00

Released by: H:G Fact

Japanese release of the Atrapados album on CD. Fantastic band from Barcelona, Spain. They were one of the best bands that I saw at Chaos En Tejas 2009, if not THE best. Fierce, primal raw punk with a filthy sounding delay on the vocals, in a similar vein of their previous band, INVASIÓN, with a slight membership change. The new drummer makes them that much better. 9 songs.


INVASIÓN: Discografia Completa CD
INVASIÓN: Discografia Completa CD $10.00

Released by: H:G Fact

INVASIÓN were the precursor to DESTINO FINAL, from Spain. They started in 2004, released a s/t 12" and the La Caza 12" after a demo. This Japanese released CD compiles all of this material. Great fucking band. 21 songs of non-stop, raw punk.


MAGNICIDE: Rise To The Annihilation CD

MAGNICIDE: Rise To The Annihilation CD $10.00

Released by: H:G Fact

Sickening, brutal grindcore from Singapore in the vein of 324. 14 nightmare tracks released by H:G Fact. Not for cowards.

***Sorry, no orders to Japan on the H:G Fact stuff. Please order them from H:G Fact.




(Holy Brethren edition)

Released by: Sacred Tapes

Demented, one man drum machine noise-grind from Chains, living in proximity to that putrid stench in Gary, Indiana. That has to contort your brain in ways unimaginable. Lyrical inspiration from horror/slash flicks over a battery of jagged and dry landscapes. Holy Brethren edition comes in a hand sewn & silk screened sleeve.