Sunday, June 28, 2009

ANATOMIA: Shreds Of Putrefaction 10"

ANATOMIA: Shreds Of Putrefaction 10" $10.00

Released by: Nuclear War Now!//USA

NWN! description:
From the ashes of the Japanese death metal godfathers Transgressor comes Anatomia. Anatomia takes several steps back while removing any progressive elements of Transgressor to opt for a stripped down doomy death metal style made famous by bands like Autopsy and Incantation. This 10″ contains their debut demo plus an unreleased Repulsion cover played at Anatomia speed.

I have one DIE HARD version available for $15.00.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


3 killer new Prank releases just added to the distro.

Well, it seems Prank is out of the JUDGEMENT 7"s already and it doesn't look like a repress is imminent. One per person, please...thanks.

JUDGEMENT: Just Be...7" $5.00
Prank description:
JUDGEMENT “JUST BE” was originally released as a CD- Only EP by Tokyo’s HG FACT label in 2001. This was the debut release of the Tokyo bands final line up Comprised of Japanese legends: Guitarist ZIGYAKU ( GUDON, HALF YEARS, BASTARD), Drummer MUKAI ( CHICKEN BOWELS, DEATHSIDE) and then-new members singer JHA JHA ( LIPCREAM) and bassist SAKURA. Combining the best elements of the band’s previous works with an upbeat spirit, high energy drumming and incredible guitar riffs, “JUST BE” is another landmark in the band’s impressive catalog of now classic 7” ep’s dating back to the band’s origins in the mid 1990’s. This is the first time these four tracks appear on vinyl. Split release with HG FACT released for JUDGEMENT’s recent US performance at Austin’s CHAOS IN TEJAS Festival.

CROW: Flock Of Beast 7" $4.00
Prank description:
Tokyo Legends CROW return with two new blasting tracks of Doomy Metallic Punk Mayhem – “FLOCK OF BEAST” and “FLOCK OF BEAST 2”. Thundering deeper into epic, mid tempo metallic territory on the A-side with CROW’s trademark gravel-drawn vocals over searing riffs, this EP echoes their recent “THE BEATING OF THE WINGS OF DESTRUCTION” 12” by exploding on the B-side into ferocious, fast paced hardcore. CROW origins date back to the early Japanese punk scene of the 1980’s, but they have attacked in the last decade with a renewed intensity, culminating this decade in two US tours and a second Album “Bloody Tear” which was released in the U.S. by Prank in 2007. This most recent recording testifies they have no intention of letting up that ferocious Intensity!!!

ACEPHALIX 7" $4.00
Prank description:
A brutal combination of Low end Metallic Distortion, Pummeling riffs and Gnarled vocals, San Francisco's ACEPHALIX's Debut 4 song 7" takes influence from all over the map of Extreme music-from CELTIC FROST to CRO-MAGS and INTEGRITY, from WOLFPACK and Later ANTI-CIMEX to SACRILEDGE and AXEGRINDER, but has hammered out and forged it's own sound by relentless gigs around the SF Bay Area over the past year. Featuring current and former members of THE RIFFS, DEPRESSOR, POISON IDEA, DEFIANCE, DEATHCHARGE and BLOWN TO BITS, this is the heaviest thing prank has released in almost fifty releases, a modern attack yet reminiscent of early classic prank releases by DAMAD, ELDOPA 1332 and the bleak punk metal fusions of the late 90's and early 00's. First printing in a foil stamped sleeve.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CHEST PAIN s/t cassette in stock

CHEST PAIN s/t cassette $3.00

Released by: T.S.O.//USA

Just added to the distro section at:

T.S.O. strikes again with this new cassette from this Austin, TX group. As usual, cool fucking layout. Spray painted cassette shells, screen printed cases, lyrics included. Upon first listen, this reminds me a lot of New York's DEVOID OF FAITH. Throw some LACK OF INTEREST in there and you've got 6 songs of furious, blast beat leaden, heavy hardcore from CHEST PAIN.

Wind up spark-shooting Nun, not included.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

SUBVERSION E.P. (Belgium 1983)



Great legitimate reissue of this Belgian group's tracks from 1983! From the "Second Time Around" cassette comp and the "Bollox To The Gonads - Here's The Testicles" comp LP. This 7" comes packed with some good information- interviews, flyer artwork, cassette artwork, etc. This is a nice document for this Discharge influenced group, they have been under the radar for too long.

I managed to get some of these from Stuart during Chaos In Tejas. Really nice job on these. Recommended for fans of old, nasty, lo-fi hardcore punk. Order at Orders from outside the U.S.A., please email for a shipping price.

D-Clone / Isterismo: Live In Holocaust tape is sold out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nukkehammer demo review in MRR #131 June 2009

MRR Nukkehammer demo review

Maximum Rock N Roll review of the Nukkehammer demo in the June 2009 issue.

Nukkehammer demo tape :: 2nd run

The band is currently working on a second tape of 6 new songs. Soon after, the band will record for some vinyl releases.

For those looking, you can still mailorder a few copies of the demo from 16oh (USA) or Plague Bearer (Denmark). TSO, Solar Funeral and band copies are gone.

Download the full demo --> here. (zip file: 19862 kb)